January 2024

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  • A Beautiful Life
    December 26, 20233.9 min

    I stumbled upon the Slow Living movement, where people decided to live a more balanced, meaningful life by slowing things down and appreciating the world around them. In turn, it fosters more time for self-care.


  • Bon appétit!
    December 26, 20230.7 min

    These aren’t your average street tacos. Shou Sugi Ban House, a wellness retreat in Montauk, New York, just minutes from the Hamptons, is blending clean eating with visual plated masterpieces.


  • Honestly Organic
    December 26, 20237.3 min

    Twenty years after landing on the Gulf Coast of Florida amid white-sand beaches, flatwoods trails, and rare coastal dune lakes, Kuntz is happy to have found a home for her nature-loving self and a warm reception for her thoughtful business.


  • Meet the Granola Butter Queen
    December 26, 20236.9 min

    Ali Bonar, the CEO and trailblazer behind Oat Haus, is not afraid to challenge convention, beginning with your favorite spread. Her journey started with innovating in her kitchen, seeking a nut-free alternative that tasted better than conventional seed-based butter spreads.


  • Beyond the Bottle
    December 26, 20238.3 min

    “I struggled with immune system issues for most of my life,” begins Siffat Haider, the CEO and cofounder of Arrae. “As I was navigating my early twenties, I ended up fracturing a rib from a chronic cough. When I went to see my doctor, I was prescribed codeine and essentially got sent home with no further plan of action.


  • L’intermission – Good for the Body & Soul
    December 26, 20230.6 min

    Skincare meets sensuality at Still Waters Aesthetics and Wellness in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Esthetician Mindy Norris begins by guiding clients through a gratifying sensory journey to center their minds and ground their bodies.


  • Through the Tunnel
    December 26, 20238.2 min

    Ever since the first known pilgrim traversed the Spanish countryside to visit the burial place of St. James in Santiago de Compostela in the year 950, travelers have been making pilgrimages to the same location. Over a millennium later, this medieval tradition continues to gain popularity as modern-day trekkers tout its ability to inspire personal growth and healing.


  • La vitalité
    December 26, 20230.7 min

    You may love Miami for its vibrant nightlife and culture, but The Standard Spa is also pioneering the city’s wellness scene.


  • Unlocking Vitality
    December 26, 20236.3 min

    Health products rest on timeless virtues: they should be accessible and clean and allow us to feel empowered in our bodies. The COO and cofounder of Cymbiotika, Durana Elmi, believes good health is the foundation for longevity and happiness.


  • Holistic Health and Herbalism
    December 26, 202323.9 min

    Olivia Amitrano, herbalist, entrepreneur, podcaster, and founder of Organic Olivia, is bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern needs. She believes holistic health and the inherently medicinal properties of plants can support us in healing from the inside out.


  • Discovering Faith, True Beauty, and Confidence
    December 26, 20235.2 min

    After going through so much in my life, things were going well until I had a head-on collision with not only breast cancer but also colon cancer, and it changed my entire outlook. I thought I had endured rough years before, but going through cancer was the rest of the iceberg.


  • This Is Your Sign
    December 26, 202311.2 min

    We asked Younger to share her evolution in the wellness space over the last decade and her secrets for healing, cultivating a community, and tapping into a greater sense of spiritual well-being. Read on for an exclusive heart-to-heart conversation and guidance on stepping into the most authentic version of yourself.