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The Idea Boutique/VIE publishing team with trainer Derek MacMahon of 4x4 Mobile Fitness

A Beautiful Life

Creating the Life You Want Is Within Reach

By Lisa Marie Burwell

At times, it feels like we don’t have the ability to take control of our lives, as there aren’t many solutions to implement to change our destiny. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. As the saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” One of my struggles as a business owner is managing time for myself and the company. My travels abroad over the years gave me so much intel that many other countries do not work themselves to the bone like many of us do in America. The output and expectations we have to keep up with seem to preclude us from changing the tide of our existence. But I have read a lot about this lately and found many others who feel the same way I did. In studying and pondering this plight against the clock, I stumbled upon the Slow Living movement, where people decided to live a more balanced, meaningful life by slowing things down and appreciating the world around them. In turn, it fosters more time for self-care. I have begun viewing the term “self-care” as “self-preservation.” It’s not a new thought process, but an epiphany for me is that you have to choose it and take steps to alter how you live.

I’ve touched on this topic in the past year but have evolved my thinking into implementation. Ideas without application are just imagination. It seemed I was fighting the status quo and expectations I didn’t even agree with. I felt like I was at war against time. So, I made some changes this year, starting with trying a four-day workweek for the fourth or fifth time over the past several years. The first attempts failed, and I have several hypotheses about why, but mainly because not enough work was getting done. The first attempts were four ten-hour work days, which was hard on people; they were too tired to adequately make up for what a five-day workweek could achieve. This year, we implemented an eight-hour, four-day work week, which worked really well until the holidays were upon us and time was in shorter supply. This, coupled with closing for December so people could enjoy the holidays, rest, and recalibrate, was a lofty goal but one I was willing to try again. It made a big difference for us last year. Life changes quickly, so we have to adapt to new situations and make modifications, but if we don’t even try to harness having a life rather than just working, we have given up.

4x4 Mobile Fitness, Lisa Burwell, Lisa Marie Burwell, VIE Magazine, Cornerstone Marketing & Advertising, The Idea Boutique

The Idea Boutique/VIE publishing team with trainer Derek MacMahon of 4×4 Mobile Fitness

Another part of the recipe we implemented this year to foster healthy living was hiring 4×4 Mobile Fitness to train the team twice a week before work. We work out in the parking lot of our office, and it’s been one of the best things we have done. It ensured we all get in a few good sessions, camaraderie, and esprit de corps that can’t be found any other way—plus self-respect, which may be the best of all the virtues. Our trainer, Derek McMahon, has been a blessing and a great representative of the founder and owner of 4×4, Zach Olstad. Zach is a former NFL player for the Buffalo Bills and now resides in Nashville. He most recently expanded his business in the 30-A area of Florida. This mobile personal training company comes to you, striving to make fitness convenient and effective for everyone! According to Zach, “By bringing the gym to you, we help our clients lose all excuses.” Truer words were never spoken.

It’s fitting to have our annual health and wellness issue at the start of January, as we usually make new resolutions and goals for ourselves at the onset of the new year. A clean slate, as it were, is a reminder there is always newness and improvement to make when living a purposeful life. Our former intern and marketing coordinator, Hailey Bethke—a young lady who is wise beyond her years and embodies living with intent—did a phenomenal job as guest editor, curating products and interviewing several wellness experts throughout this issue to create a well-rounded wellness lineup. Knowledge is power, and we have learned over the years that a purposeful and mindful life is a healthy and peaceful one.

Happy New Year!

To A Blessed Year Ahead,

Lisa Marie Burwell
CEO/Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director

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