Emerald Isle Here We Come!

May 23, 2014

The Idea Boutique, proud publisher of VIE magazine (and several other magazines and books), is expanding its horizons with a satellite office located in Clifden, Ireland in County Galway this summer, keeping our Grayton Beach, Florida, office as headquarters.

Exterior of our Clifden office space – we love the pop of red!

We’re starting out small with this quaint office on Bridge Street with a modern interior. This expansion will result in our ability to hire more web developers and coders for large projects we have stateside, as well as publishing a new magazine in the Clifden area called Connemara Life.

We have hired a General Manager from Ireland, Sharon Duane, to oversee the daily operations and marketing needs of the company there, and former Idea Boutique/VIE intern Amanda Crowley will be working in the satellite office this summer a to help us gear up for our launch on the Emerald Isle.


Visit The Idea Boutique’s Pinterest page to see more of beautiful Connemara!

The official Grand Opening will take August 17–21, with an itinerary that includes our sponsorship of the renowned Connemara Pony Festival, which attracts equestrians and tourists from around the world each year, and a cocktail reception and art show featuring 30-A artist Justin Gaffrey.

Lisa hanging out with Gentle Meghan's mother, Gentle Kate
Lisa hanging out with Gentle Meghan’s mother, Gentle Kate

Since this is The Year of Horse, it seems the stars are aligning for us, and we have a beautiful white Connemara pony competing in the show named Gentle Meghan, owned by Lisa and Gerald Burwell. We fell in love with Gentle Meghan on a trip to Ireland in December while scouting for the office and believed this would be a perfect way to begin embedding ourselves in the Clifden community and to become part of our new home away from home. Renowned horse breeder John McLoughlin has been training Gentle Meghan to get ready for the show this summer.

Lisa Burwell and renowned horse breeder and trainer John McLoughlin
Lisa Burwell and renowned horse breeder and trainer John McLoughlin

Learn more about the Connemara ponies and John McLoughlin here.

We look forward to sharing more news with you all on this exciting endeavor!