Vie is a French word meaning “life” or “way of living.” VIE magazine sets itself apart as a high-gloss publication that focuses on human-interest stories with heart and soul. From Seattle to NYC with a concentration in the Southeast, VIE is known for its unique editorial approach—a broad spectrum of deep content with rich photography. The award-winning magazine was founded in 2008 by the husband-and-wife team, Lisa and Gerald Burwell, owners of the specialty publishing and branding house known as The Idea Boutique®. From the finest artistically bound books to paperless digital publication and distribution, The Idea Boutique provides comprehensive publishing services to authors and organizations. Its team of creative professionals delivers a complete publishing experience—from the initial review of a manuscript through to distribution. As the publisher of its own award-winning magazines, The Idea Boutique is meticulous in conception, design, and writing services for all projects; these skills are a benefit to clients’ publishing ventures, as the creative team has the heart and soul it takes to publish quality manuscripts. With photographers, designers, writers, and editors on staff, The Idea Boutique can take your publishing venture from start to finish—all that’s needed is your vision.

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Our Readers

VIE magazine boasts a smart, successful readership with refined tastes and who are socially connected and tech-savvy. Educated professionals, they have established their careers, raised their children, and now possess the free time and income to pursue travel, home improvements, decorating projects, and leisure activities. They are not do-it-yourselfers—they prefer hiring contractors and maintenance services. They love to shop in person, online, and by phone from high-end boutiques, specialty shops, and catalogs.


VIE Staff - Gerald BurwellGerald Burwell   |   Founder / Publisher

VIE Staff - Jordan StaggsJordan Staggs   |   Managing Editor
VIE Staff - Tracey ThomasTracey Thomas   |   Art Director

VIE Staff - Meghn HillMeghn Hill   |   Digital Marketing Director
Abigail RyanAbigail Ryan   |   Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

Hannah VermillionHannah Vermillion   |   Graphic Designer
Olivia PierceOlivia Pierce   |   Graphic Designer

VIE Staff - Lucy MashburnLucy Young   |  Contributing Designer & Illustrator
Romona Robbins - VIE Magazine Contributing PhotographerRomona Robbins   |   Contributing Photographer

Carlo Pieroni - VIE Magazine Contributing PhotographerCarlo Pieroni   |   Contributing Photographer
Tori PhelpsTori Phelps   |   Contributing Writer

Sallie BoylesSallie W. Boyles   |   Contributing Writer
Nick RacheotesNicholas S. Racheotes   |   Contributing Writer

Anthea Gerrie - VIE Magazine Staff WriterAnthea Gerrie   |   Contributing Writer
Steve Larese - VIE Magazine Staff WriterSteve Larese  |   Contributing Writer/Photographer

Carolyn O'Neil - VIE Magazine Staff WriterCarolyn O’Neil   |   Contributing Writer
Greg Cayea - VIE Magazine Staff WriterGreg Cayea   |   Contributing Writer

Janet Thomas - VIE Magazine Staff WriterJanet Thomas   |   Contributing Writer
Lizzie Locker - VIE Magazine Staff WriterLizzie Locker   |   Contributing Writer

Brenna Kneiss - VIE Magazine Contributing PhotographerBrenna Kneiss   |   Contributing Photographer