Kim Walls

Episode 47: “The Future of Beauty is Regenerative”

A Conversation with Kim Walls

The future of beauty is regenerative, but what exactly does that mean? This week on VIE Speaks: Conversations with Heart & Soul, VIE Magazine Editor-in-Chief and host Lisa Marie Burwell sits down with Kim Walls, a fourth-generation entrepreneur, beauty formula pioneer, and CEO of Furtuna Skin. Kim shares her expertise on the beauty industry (and how she is radically challenging skincare as we know it through Furtuna Skin) to the VIE Speaks stage. She breaks down the evolution of beauty from organic to regenerative beauty, which focuses not only on using the cleanest ingredients but also utilizing regenerative agriculture. A leader on the formulation team for Furtuna’s many award-winning products, Kim is passionate about beauty that delivers transformational results for both our skin and for the world at large. Tune in to learn more about the secrets behind skincare that works, change-making in the beauty industry, and the importance of returning to nature’s wisdom.

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