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VIE Speaks Episode 9: “A Dynamic Duo: Living an Adventurous Life”

A Conversation with Romona Robbins and Shane Reynolds

We welcome you to the ninth episode of VIE Speaks: Conversations with Heart & Soul, a podcast and limited video series from the creators of VIE magazine. Our host, VIE founder/editor-in-chief Lisa Burwell, has been friends with the dynamic husband-and-wife creative duo, Romona Robbins and Shane Reynolds, for many years, working with them on various projects for VIE and its publisher, The Idea Boutique. As world-class photographers, filmmakers, producers, and more, Shane and Romona have traversed the globe—both above and below the water’s surface—telling stories and creating content for National Geographic, Travel Channel, VIE, Connemara Life, Lonely Planet, and more. Join them for a chat about life, love, family, and adventure!

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