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May 4, 2022,

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, the time to pick out a gift is dwindling. Moms do so much, and it can be tough to find a present that lives up to her greatness—especially at the last minute. So we rounded up a range of perfect Mother’s Day gifts to show appreciation to the incredible and stylish moms, grandmothers, and mother figures out there.

Estelle Hand-Blown Colored GlassWare  

Moms don’t cry—they wine! Gift your mom a peaceful evening with a glass of her favorite wine in this gorgeous Estelle Colored Wine Stemware.

Wine Stemware – Set of 2 in Amethyst – $85

Bandolier Adjustable Crossbody

Elevate her look with a fashionable phone case! But, even more than looking cool, no mom wants to lose her phone.

Lalique X Moda Operandi Vases with Floral Arrangements – $320–$925

Luxury crystal brand Lalique, known for its beautiful motifs, has partnered with Moda Operandi to bring a collection of four signature Lalique vases paired with vibrant, sculptural floral arrangements in partnership with floral design studios Flower Bodega in NYC and Jean Pascal of LA. The bespoke arrangements are a unique and elegant way to show your mother how much she means to you.

Abbey Glass

Give your mom the gift of style with a dress from luxury womenswear brand Abbey Glass. The timeless pieces are perfect for the effortlessly feminine and confident woman.

Hao LifE

This product is for moms looking to get their zen on. Hao Life is a premium supplement line that takes traditional Chinese medicine formulas to a new level with adaptogenic herbs in capsule form. We suggest the Balancing Act for moms this mother’s day as it’s designed specifically for balancing hormonal health and bringing harmony to the body. What’s not to love?


This tote is perfect for the mom who likes to travel or who likes to have everything on-hand. As a beach carry-all, grocery bag, or picnic bag, this is the gift you need for the “Hard to Buy for” mom.

Le Creuset Honey Pot with Silicone Dipper

Any momma that’s sweet like honey deserves a little extra sugar in their life. This cute honey pot would make the perfect addition to any kitchen countertop.

Honey Pot with Silicone Dipper – $52

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

This gift is perfect for the mom who loves to bake! We all know one. Get her a gift that you will enjoy too.

MAE Wearable Art 

These stylish bangles by MAE are a fun accent to go with any look.  Plus, they’re handmade and hand-painted!

Print Two-Tone Bangle – 3 Color Options – $27.00

United and Free Skincare

If you haven’t heard, it’s super in style to be moisturized. United and Free’s Softening Balm is an all-in-one product that soothes dry skin and hair. The Soothing Oil is excellent for razor-burn and split ends. Moms are busy, so the more versatile the product, the better!


Give your mom what she really wants with a gift card or service to Spa Lillianna at Hotel Effie. The luxury spa will allow her to relax and make her feel like the pampered queen she is.


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