• Bachelorette Parties for All Personalities
    September 28, 20203.9 min

    We know that there’s a lot on your mind when you're planning a wedding, so let your best ladies take care of you and listen to what you want when it comes to the bachelorette! As long as your heart is in it, no bachelorette party is too basic or too extreme. Whether you celebrate with a hometown staycation or an all-out destination bash, this occasion should be a fun way to let loose and relax before you say, "I do."


  • Celebrity-Backed Beauty Products You Have to Try
    February 5, 20204.1 min

    There’s a reason so many big brand-names have actors, athletes, musicians, and models in their advertisements—celebrity sells. But more than just a marketing tactic, celebrity endorsements can also be a stamp of credibility for products that work.