Outer Space

  • Space Perspective Reveals the Interior of Its Commercial Spacecraft
    April 13, 20225.6 min

    Space Perspective unveils world's first space lounge! Space travel has never been more comfortable nor kind to the environment. Space Perspective, the Earth’s leading luxury spaceflight experience company, set on advancing a better appreciation of planet Earth and the interconnectedness of the human race, today reveals Spaceship Neptune’s patented, customizable Space Lounge interior.


  • Kennedy Space Center Releases Online Kids Activities
    April 27, 20202.1 min

    Every kid has said at least once that they want to be an astronaut when they grow up. Now they can get some firsthand knowledge! The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is doing virtual lessons on everything you want to know about space, and what’s better than pairing fun with education for kids of all ages?