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  • Bridgerton-Inspired Design Ideas to Transform Your Home
    February 26, 20212.5 min

    If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably binged the Netflix show, Bridgerton, and been left craving some 19th-century English elegance in your home. We may not be able to land you inside Daphne’s world of high-society courtship, but we can help you transform your space with these Bridgerton-inspired decor elements, courtesy of Homes.com!


  • 5 Gasp-Worthy Wallpaper Looks
    June 12, 20202.9 min

    Wallpaper is back and in full swing—gasp! (In a good way.) There are fantastic new options for wallpaper application and removal like peel-and-stick sheets or patterns, which make wall coverings less permanent and so much easier to install. Refresh a ho-hum room with a bold accent wall, or make your previously dull half-bath unforgettable for your guests. There are so many possibilities, and the updated options are endless! Check out five of our favorite gasp-worthy wallpaper looks.


  • Home Design Inspirations from Computer Games
    September 16, 20163.4 min

    With games like The Sims 4, new demographics of people are being targeted to play. Playing The Sims is like the most powerful and customizable dollhouse fantasy you’ve ever seen—except this time, it has real-world value, as well.