Flint & Flame

  • Peat & Pearls Festival 2018
    October 24, 20182.8 min

    Some say, “the world is your oyster”—however, the team at Peat & Pearls says the oyster is their world! On October 4–7, 2018, we joined the Second Annual Peat & Pearls festival in downtown Pensacola to celebrate two of their favorite things: Scotch and delicious oysters.


  • Celebrate the Great Gulf Oyster at Peat & Pearls 2018
    August 28, 20183.2 min

    The prettiest pearls wouldn’t exist without a little grit, and the Gulf Coast, known for its opulent sugar-white beaches and Old South charm, was built on the backs of fishermen, sailors, and seafarers. Peat & Pearls celebrates this heritage through two of our favorite things: Scotch and oysters.