Chrissy Teigen

  • 10 Celebrities to Follow on Instagram for Instant Comic Relief
    April 23, 20206 min

    Everyone is doing what they can in these hard times to stay upbeat. Having something funny to lift the spirits is essential for our mental health! Luckily, celebrities and people all over the world are coming together on social media and sharing more than just selfies or pictures of their morning avocado toast.


  • Top Trending Cookbooks of 2020
    January 17, 20207.3 min

    Calling all gastronomes! We’ve got the hottest tips on the latest and greatest cookbooks for you to dive into. Epicurean delights and couture cocktails are in queue, and this curated collection of our favorite coffee table cookbooks is the perfect recipe to whet your appetite as we cook up our annual Culinary Issue.