• The VIE Beach House Gift Provides Clean Water through The Sonder Project
    July 22, 20213.1 min

    When we live in a community abounding with beautiful beaches and gorgeous luxury homes, it is imperative to remind ourselves that this is not the reality for most of our world. At VIE, we feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to support important causes through partnerships with real-world heroes. As some of you may already know, our VIE Beach House Show Home, seen in our April 2021 Issue, was built to give back not only to our community but to others around the globe who need it the most. With the help of the home's developers Jim and Suzy Accola, we partnered with The Sonder Project and Food For Thought Outreach to donate a portion of the proceeds from the home's sale.


  • A Journey to Tanzania
    January 22, 20161.1 min

    VIE's new Voyager Issue features destinations around the world, including the story of a truly wild African safari with author Anne Schultz and her family.