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Kazakhstan to Host the World’s EXPO-2017 Astana

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October 27, 2016,

The City of the future

photos courtesy of adrian smith + Gordon Gill architecture

No, it’s not Star Trek v. Star Wars Day or the set design for the newest sci-fi video game— although the architecture could easily pass for either. Located south of Bayterek Tower and east of Nazarbayev University, a portion of Astana, Kazakhstan is transforming into an 18.7 million-square-foot “Future Energy” themed city to prepare for the EXPO-2017 World’s Fair, set to take place from June 10 to September 10.

Energy for Life Thematic Pavilion Astana Expo 2017 Adrian Smith Gordon Gill Architecture

Energy for Life Thematic Pavilion

The impressive large-scale renovation, nicknamed Astana Expo City, is designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS + GG) and will include energy-saving features such as a citywide smart grid, buildings with solar panels to gain heat during winter and provide shade during summer, and wind turbines. Designing with the future in mind, AS + GG dedicated their concept design to developing quality, alternative sources of energy and transportation, building a fully functional city that will include schools, parks, hotels, offices, a one-thousand-seat theater, an arts center, and seven hundred residential units.

Astana Expo City 2017 Kazakhastan Sphere Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture

Astana Expo City – Kazakhstan Sphere Evening

“It was important for us to understand the larger issues surrounding all International events like this and to conceive of Astana Expo City 2017 as an integrated urban, architectural, social, cultural, and sustainable contributor to the city; not as an island of buildings but as mixed-use neighborhoods providing quality places to live, work, and learn long after the Expo is over,” explains AS+GG partner Gordon Gill, FAIA. “The Designs for these amazing projects need to leverage the massive investments that nations make, not just for the event but also for the people, cities, and nations for which they were designed. That is our goal.”

Once completed, Future Energy will become a significant landmark and one of the most sustainable cities in the world. We’re looking forward to seeing the end results. For now, take a look at the master plan for this city of the future.

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