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Jonah Allen featured at his gallery opening | Photo by Hunter Burgtorf

Jonah Allen : An Intentional Moment

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August 4, 2021,

One of our favorite local artists, artistic photographer Jonah Allen, is making big waves this year. You might recognize his breathtaking wave images seen in HOME by VIE or in several establishments along the beaches of Scenic Highway 30-A in Northwest Florida.

Jonah documents his journey to becoming the in-demand photographer he is now and his exciting plans for the future in his new documentary, “Jonah Allen: An Intentional Moment,” filmed by Shane Reynolds. In the short film, Jonah recounts how he picked up a camera when he was a young teenager and never put it down. When looking at his impressive work, his natural talents are obvious. And, as an avid surfer and lover of the water, Jonah isn’t afraid to get up-close and personal with the waves to get the perfect shot. He describes how it is necessary to submerge into the Gulf or ocean to capture the waves’ energy at just the right point. The results—his stunning photos—are moments in time that viewers can enjoy forever.

For some reason, I’m so drawn to the organic shapes,

says Jonah as he describes the inspiration behind his works. Ninety-five percent of Jonah’s work is taken along the beaches in the 30-A area. He notes that its ever-changing coastal dune lake pattern keep him coming back for more. Jonah presents three main series of work: his wave series, aerial photographs captured from a helicopter, and shots of abstract sand patterns. VIE’s editor-in-chief, Lisa Burwell, makes an appearance in the documentary in which she describes Jonah: “He’s young, he’s intentional, he’s focused, and he is so darn good.” Fans of his work will now have a place to view and purchase his pieces, as he just opened his first art gallery located on 393 North in Santa Rosa Beach.

The gifted photographer celebrated the opening of his gallery and his documentary debut on Friday, July 23, 2021, with a special four-course private dinner by Swiftly Catered 30A. Jonah describes how he’s excited about the journey, and says it is just the beginning. “I just haven’t given up,” he adds, referring to his success in what can be a difficult industry for many. We can’t wait to see what the next wave holds for this talented artistic photographer.

Check out more of Jonah’s work and story on his website,

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