The Women’s Issue

December 2019

When envisioning the spirit of this issue, we knew we wanted to celebrate women from all walks of life. Our goal was to inspire, unite, create, empower, and motivate. We have curated a diverse group of “sheroes” who have proved just how great it is to be a woman. So many women in these stories—and beyond—work tirelessly to shine a bright light on the superhero found within each of us. We are honored to have Tina Brown as our cover star and feature interview. As the former editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and Tatler, founder of The Daily Beast, and author of The Diana Chronicles and The Vanity Fair Diaries, she is an icon of global media and journalism. She is also the founder of Women in the World—a live media platform and annual summit dedicated to telling stories through the voices of women everywhere. We hope you learn a lot from our first Women’s Issue—but most of all, we hope you are inspired to be you!