The Artist Issue

July 2019

Artists beautify the world with their creations, and we love them for it! Fashion designers, painters, musicians, actors, photographers, poets, dancers—they all wield power to make people feel and connect, and in an age when people seem to be buried in technology and work 24/7, that might be more important than ever. We’re excited to celebrate with our cover guy, Christian Siriano, as he marks the one-year anniversary of his atelier, The Curated NYC, which is full of beautiful things created by artists. Another artist making her literal mark on the world is Shantell Martin, whose collaboration with the New York City Ballet this year was nothing short of inspiring. Supporting artists in your hometown is essential and can change lives, too—just ask the patrons and players of The Repertory Theatre in Seaside, Florida. Find all this and more in our new Artist Issue!