Get Fun & Flirty with VIE’s Retro Summer Photo shoot

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April 19, 2016,

Cotton candy, roller skates, and a carousel that never stops

We’re feeling the summer heat as we’re ramping up for our retro-inspired summertime photo shoot at The Village of Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin, Florida, that will grace the upcoming issue of VIE! Featuring a summery color palette of bold, retro brights with a washed out imagery borrowed from a modernized mix of vintage pin-up, vintage-inspired swimwear, and carefree summer fun!

Retro Summer Inspiration

Retro Summer Inspiration

Set at the Village of Baytowne Wharf, the whimsical shoot location is a perfect match for our vision. “A location and unique environment was needed to bring this shoot to life,” Art Director Tracey Thomas explains. “The carousel, The Shootin’ Gallery, and Hartell’s ice cream shop, among all other locations throughout Baytowne, will really bring this cheerful spirited concept to the next level.”

VIE-Blog-April19-RetroPhotoShoot-03Let’s talk swimsuits! We’re thrilled to feature local swimwear designer Cayce Collins’s most recent collection. Her SWFW 2015 collection left us in awe, and we knew we had to get our hands on those looks for a photo spread. What better way of showcasing her vintage-inspired collection than through our Summertime Issue shot by high-fashion photographer, Tommy Crow?

Tommy’s talent ranges from fashion to landscapes to motion. His creative edge and experience in the high-fashion industry will elevate the photo spread that much more. We are so thrilled and delighted for the opportunity to work with him.

VIE-Blog-April19-RetroPhotoShoot-04Accessories chosen from The WaterColor Store, Mercantile, Duckies, The Fuss Boutique, and The Eye Gallery complete the overall look. Injections of bright colors from props such as bubble gum, retro radios, giant rainbow lollipops, and roller skates with knee-high socks will add a fun and flirty flair, along with our beautiful models!

We’re elated to announce we’ve booked Emme Martin, Brooke Miller, Patton Short, and Piper Williams to show off Cayce’s adorable fun looks and add the spark of life to our vintage vibe. All are very talented and bring a fresh, summery Florida-girl look to the shoot.

Emme Martin; Image Courtesy of Quest Models of New York

Emme Martin; Image Courtesy of Quest Models of New York

You may recognize Emme, as she has walked the runway of South Walton Fashion Week (SWFW) and won in its first year at Grand Boulevard Town Centre. She has appeared in our our pages before, and is often scouted for various other shoots. We’re so lucky and excited to work with her again, before summer starts, as she will be heading to the Big Apple to expand her modeling portfolio.

Brooke Miller; Image Courtesy of Sheila Goode Photography

Brooke Miller; Image Courtesy of Sheila Goode Photography

Even though Brooke Miller is used to being behind the scenes as one of our regular—very talented—hairstylists, she has also modeled in VIE and for many clothing and jewelry brands in the area. Her fresh look and flirty energy is something we definitely look forward to capturing on camera!

Piper Williams; Image Courtesy of Dear Violet Photography

Piper Williams; Image Courtesy of Dear Violet Photography

Lastly, meet timeless beauty Piper Williams. She’s got a look that’s a combination of sultry and classic. She’s also used to being on both sides of the camera (as she’s a talented model and photographer), and we’re going to have so much fun having her on our side of the camera!

Excited for the shoot, too? Don’t worry. The countdown has officially begun! Next Thursday, April 21, we plan to get our cameras clicking over at Baytowne Wharf! Don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for behind-the-scenes and updates.

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