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Episode 51: “Pioneering a Vision”

A Conversation with Jennifer Steele, Executive Director of the Cultural Arts Alliance

Meet Jennifer Steele, long time 30A local, who has had a heart for our community since she was just five years old. Jennifer has worked with companies like The REP, started her on consulting company, and her own theater company, and eventually found herself helping out the CAA with ArtsQuest which eventually turned into her leading the way for arts in our community. As the creative core of Walton County for three decades, the Cultural Arts Alliance (CAA) of Walton County offers support, connection and access opportunities for all forms of art, every variety of maker, all levels of learners, and especially, art lovers. Through sponsorship, performance, and educational programs, the 510(c)(3) organization directly connects the people of Walton County with the broader view, the critical exploration, and the answers only the Arts have the power to provide. Tune in to learn more about Jennifer and everything that the CAA has in the works!

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