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Episode #29 “Surfing, Loving Life, and Championing for Good”

A Conversation with Dave Rauschkolb

On this episode of VIE Speaks: Conversations with Heart & Soul podcast, host Lisa Marie Burwell, VIE’s CEO/editor-in-chief, spoke with Dave Rauschkolb, a highly regarded entrepreneur who cultivated a culinary empire over thirty-five years in the works. Rauschkolb is the visionary behind some of Northwest Florida’s most beloved eateries, including Bud & Alleys Restaurant (his first endeavor in the food service industry and now the longest established restaurant in Santa Rosa Beach). He is also the founder of other local favorites, including The Pizza Bar, The Taco Bar, and most recently, Black Bear Bread Co., which has locations in Grayton Beach, Grand Boulevard, and Seaside. An active community leader, he is deeply involved in local education through his position as the Vice President of the Seaside Foundation Board. In addition, he founded Hands Across the Sand, an initiative that protects the local marine ecosystems from oil drilling and encourages clean energy sourcing. Rauschkolb has boldly instituted shifts locally through his award-winning restaurants and nationally by acting on civic responsibility and promoting change. To connect with Rauschkolb, explore his respective platforms at,,, and

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