Episode #26: “The Man Behind the Camera: A Photographer’s Journey”

A Conversation with Chandler Williams

On this episode of VIE Speaks: Conversations with Heart & Soul podcast, host Lisa Burwell, VIE’s CEO/editor-in-chief, invites Chandler Williams, artist and creative, to share about his passion for photography and local business, Modus Photography. Chandler shares how his passion for film and photography began while he was in high school and has since evolved into a full-time career, most recently developing a new, state-of-the-art collaborative studio space. He shares his experiences documenting the world through his camera lens, shooting everything from landscapes to architecture, and explains why he currently focuses many of his works on environmental activism (his film, the Paper Bear (coming late 2022), specifically focuses on highlighting Florida’s biodiversity and wildlife preservation). Chandler was also named 2021 South Walton Artist of the Year. He encourages listeners to relentlessly pursue their passions and hopes that his story will serve to empower others to live a creativity-focused and inspired lifestyle.

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