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Episode #24: “The Magic of Transformation”

A Conversation with Allyson Justice Longshore

This is the transformation of a lifetime! Businesswoman and creative Allyson Justice Longshore joins VIE CEO/editor-in-chief Lisa Burwell on this episode of VIE Speaks to discuss everything from fashion to nature and following your dreams. Allyson is the owner of Style Studio Live, a luxury shopping concierge agency, and Metamorph Blooms, a company that combines beautiful floral arrangements with a butterfly chrysalis that will hatch a few days after the orchid has been delivered. She shares her creative inspiration and business strategies in this energetic episode, plus her mission to preserve the monarch butterfly. You can read more about Allyson and Metamorph Blooms in our March 2022 issue cover story at To connect with Allyson, follow along with Metamorph Blooms on Instagram or Facebook and or visit and

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