Endurance Athlete Geoff Speyrer Reprises Set-22 Challenge for Wounded Warriors

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May 3, 2021,

SET-22 : (Strength, Endurance, and Training) 

Destin, Florida’s own Forrest Gump, Geoff Speyrer, will make his way around the beach town five times this month—Running (26.2 miles), Cycling (100 miles), and Flipping a 200lb Tire (1 mile), all within 24 hours.

Army veteran, Geoff Speyrer embarks on his second SET-22 event, held on May 21-22, 2021 starting at 12:00 midnight, Harbor Tavern, Destin, Florida. The endurance event will start on Friday (21 May) and continue throughout the night and into the next day/evening, Saturday (22 May). The event will end with an after-party scheduled at Harbor Tavern. There will be aid stations and opportunities to sponsor along the way, so show your support and cheer Geoff on as he brings awareness to veteran suicide/races to the finish.

During the military, Geoff was near explosives and later received medical care that adversely affected his health, resulting in lower leg trauma/surgery that left him with a life-long injury; reducing his chances to be able to run and faced with the challenges of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). After leaving the military, Geoff spent the next 13 years in/out of incarceration and treatment facilities while later leaving the military became a fugitive; however, it was during these darkest years that he turned his life around instead of becoming a statistic and taking his own life. Sadly, 22 veterans and active-duty members take their lives a day thinking there is no hope. But Geoff found health and wellness as his tool to face adversity and turned his life around. He is a true example of resiliency, transitioning from dark times to physical fitness, bringing hope and awareness to veteran suicide.

Today, Geoff pushes himself mentally and physically for the endurance event, setting the example for other veterans to follow who face challenges to have hope and do not give into suicide. The endurance event is to raise awareness of veteran suicide, reducing the statistic from 22 to none. Last year Geoff raised over $10K for supporting veteran suicide awareness. This year, proceeds for this year’s event will be donated to Healing Paws for Warriors.

About Healing Paws for Warriors

Healing Paws for Warriors is a local veteran found / veteran-led 501(c)(3) that provides rescue to trained service dogs to post 9/11 combat veterans faced with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and/or Military Sexual Trauma (MST) at “no-cost” to the veteran with continued support; reducing the statistic of veteran suicide, increasing self and family health and wellness. A resilient program that represents veterans helping veterans from personal experience and trained service dogs.

To sponsor, donate, purchase event shirts:

To learn more about beneficiaries, visit or contact us at

Check out Geoff’s interview with VIE CEO/editor-in-chief Lisa Burwell here.

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Lisa Burwell and Geoff Speyrer | Photo by Anthony Smoots

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