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12 Easy Tips to Refresh Your Home

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January 8, 2016,

New Year, New look!

Hello 2016! It’s the beginning of the New Year, which is generally the time we all look to freshen up and reinvent everything in our lives, from ourselves to our homes. If you’re looking to get that breath-of-fresh-air feeling every time you walk into your house, then it’s time to say goodbye to your old home by updating it with a fresh new look that’s also budget friendly, because if there’s anything we’ve learned from watching countless hours of HGTV, it’s that we can update our house without breaking the bank.


VIE-Blog-Dec07-RefreshHome-001Color Me Happy

Lets start with the most obvious tip. There are so many things you can do with color in your space! Give your front door some life with a fresh coat of paint and add a greeting like the door shown above staged by Christy Tulipana of Camelot Hills Interior Design. You won’t believe the difference it makes. Looking for a louder statement? Coat the floors (yes you can do that) or the walls of your house. If you’re not up to do a lot of painting, designate one wall to use as a statement wall or try wallpaper or removable decals to make a fun pattern. We love this inspiration from Wayfair (living room image shown above)! It keeps the classy in bold and fun.


Furniture arrangement by Abbe Fenimore Studio Ten 25

Furniture arrangement by Abbe Fenimore Studio Ten 25

Pillow Talk

Never go for throw pillows without removable covers. A simple and affordable way to freshen up your living room, den, or bedroom (or anywhere else you have throw pillows) is to switch up the pillow covers once a year or seasonally without overspending.


Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adler

The Statement Piece

Try a bold piece of artwork, a mirror, or get creative and thrifty with an antique! Shop around for items you like that could be turned into an easy and beautiful DIY job. A great and affordable way to give your house some character is shopping at antiques or thrift stores for pieces to add on the walls or coffee table. Whatever you get as the focal point of your room, you want it to be a conversation piece that will immediately catch the eyes of your guests and show off your personal style.


Image Courtesy of One Kings Lane

Image Courtesy of One Kings Lane

Let There Be Light

Simple light fixtures are a great way to update a space as the trends in light fixtures are always changing. Try a geometric light pendant for your dining room or kitchen. Replace your lamps. Your new light fixtures can add sophistication or act as a playful element in any room!


Photo Courtesy of Ikea

Photo Courtesy of Ikea

Shag it Up

Adding or changing out a rug is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to change the look of a room. It can be affordable too, if you let it. If you’re the type who constantly wants to give your interiors (or outdoor patio/deck space) a facelift, go for a nice, trendy, yet affordable rug instead of an expensive luxury rug.


Photo Courtesy of Fixer Upper, HGTV

Photo Courtesy of Fixer Upper, HGTV

Green Space

Plants and flowers always bring a sense of freshness, comfort, and serenity to any home. Try making fresh flowers the centerpiece of your coffee table or dining room. If you’re not into taking care of real plants or you have allergies, there are many great faux plant options that are just as desirable and pleasing to the eye.


VIE-Blog-Dec07-RefreshHome-07Window Therapy

There are so many things you can change when it comes to draperies and blinds! Maybe do something simple, like changing out the curtains or hanging fixtures. Want more of a dramatic change? Add some chic shutters that open and close on a pulley system for a rustic look.


VIE-Blog-Dec07-RefreshHome-08Head of the Room

If you don’t have a headboard, it’s time to get one. As an adult, you should have an adult space, especially in a room as intimate as the bedroom. We’ll admit this one is a little tougher, as headboards can be quite pricey, but with imagination and creativity you can get a beautiful and charismatic headboard for less. Try a used fireplace mantel and use that as a template like the picture above, inspired by Apartment Therapy. Have a headboard already? Slap on a new coat of paint or get it upholstered for a high-end look!



Photo Credit: Christy Tulipana of Camelot Hills Interior Design

Shape Up

Give your walls or ceiling some texture and dimension with cool appliqués. All you need to make a beautiful, dramatic change is wall molding, ceiling medallions (which can also be used on a wall), wood appliques, or even some two-by-twos. You can apply them to update any boring flat surface, from walls and ceilings to doors or furniture.


Image Courtesy of HGTV

Image Courtesy of HGTV

Hardware Update

Sometimes all your cabinets and doors need is some new hardware. No need to make things complicated. Updating the knobs and handles on your cabinets or doors is easy on your wallet and time, so why not give it a try?


Image Courtesy of IKEA

Image Courtesy of IKEA

Storage Solution

An unorganized, cluttered house can feel draining and uninviting. Find pleasing, eye-catching storage solutions like floating shelves, built-ins, armoires, or cute chests to hold all your keepsakes, supplies, toys, or anything else you have that’s just lying around.


Get inspired with this look from Wayfair! Update an old piece of furniture with some paint and a gorgeous set of stencils!

Get inspired with this look from Wayfair! Update an old piece of furniture with some paint and a gorgeous set of stencils!

Furniture Rehab

Evaluate your old furniture before you get rid of it, especially if it’s a quality piece. Do you love the shape of it? Do you like the style? Is there anything you like about it or does it have potential? If the answer is yes, then keep it. There are so many different ways to update an old piece of furniture. You can look at hardware updates, painting, stenciling on a design, adding a different finish … the list goes on. Try giving your old nightstand a classic and sophisticated mirrored look by repainting the base and attaching a mirror on the top with industrial strength glue (available at hardware stores).


Are you inspired to give your house a mini makeover? Give these solutions a try and you might up making it a yearly tradition. Feel free to send us a shot of your mini home make-overs! We’d love to see it.

Special thanks to Christy Tulipana for lending some beautiful interior design inspiration our way!


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