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Dip into the Museum of Ice Cream

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August 12, 2016,

Just add sprinkles!

Cold, silky, creamy, and perfectly sweet, this treat holds a reputation as one of the most classic, all-time favorite American desserts. Though it’s most prominent during summer, it’s still enjoyed throughout the year. It pairs perfectly with pie, cobbler, cake, and fried banana rolls, but is simply delicious as a standalone treat, as well. You can dress it up with pecans or fruit and top it with a cherry. Really, there are a billion ways to eat it. Of course, we’re talking about ice cream!

There’s something so simple yet satisfying and exciting about digging into a bowl or cone of ice cream. Maybe it’s because it’s comforting and reminds us of happy days in our childhoods catching the ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood or celebrating a birthday. If you and feel the same nostalgia and joy when just thinking about this frozen delight, you might want to check out the Museum of Ice Cream in New York City. (Yes, there’s a whole museum dedicated to ice cream!)

Mint chocolate chip, vanilla, strawberry, hazelnut… You name it, they have it! Besides the obvious, here are some of the highlights of visiting the Museum of Ice Cream:

Edible Delights

Where there is ice cream, there are taste tests involved. This museum is certainly the hostess with the mostess, allowing you to indulge in a variety of tasty treats. Each guest is welcomed with ice cream, followed by an edible balloon.

Sundae’s Best

Arrive at the museum’s first interactive display featuring the main star—ice cream! There, you’ll be encouraged to build a giant ice cream sundae. Sadly, this sundae is inedible, as the frozen treat is made with special enzymes that deter it from melting too quickly—but it’s fun to build and makes for a perfect Instagram-worthy memory of your trip.

The Museum of Ice Cream and the Chamber of Chocolate

Where there’s ice cream, there’s also chocolate. Enter into a Willy Wonka-esque room called the “Chocolate Chamber,” and you’ll find chocolate everything: chocolate fountains, crushed chocolate flooring, and a chocolate-grabbing area.

Just died and went to sprinkle heaven 🍦💯💫

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Dive into Fun-Land!

Who wouldn’t want to unleash their inner child and take a dive into a three-foot deep pool of colorful sprinkles? There’s something so magical and fun about the look of the sugar-based grains that is just impossible to pass up. Just make sure you don’t eat them, because these sprinkles are actually synthetic beads.

Ice Cream-lorette!

Find true love with one of the best desserts on earth as there are thousands of suitable ice cream flavors and styles on dating app, Tinder. Yes, that Tinder. The app is sponsoring the Tinder Land area of the Museum of Ice Cream, where first dates are magical and visitors can swipe left or right on hundreds of potential ice cream flavors to find their perfect flavor match.

Craving all kinds of ice cream now? Unfortunately, tickets to the museum’s New York exhibits are all sold out; however, due to its popularity, there is a waiting list you can sign up for online at The Museum of Ice Cream, and we’re hopeful the museum will take its frosty fun on the road for future exhibits in other cities!

For now, we’d like to encourage you to explore the museum through social media on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

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