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XXXIII Olympic Summer Games

As the City of Light gears up to host the XXXIII Olympic Summer Games beginning July 26, 2024, many travelers are looking to Paris as a destination even if they are not attending the festivities. Drawing in over thirty million tourists annually, Paris is expected to see an influx of more than fifteen million people during the Olympic Games. This momentous occasion marks Paris’s return as an Olympic host after a century, adding a historic significance to the anticipated festivities and making it a must-visit destination for enthusiasts and curious travelers alike.

For those who will be attending, On Location has packages providing the perfect vantage point of the Opening Ceremony celebration along the Seine River, offering spectators unique seating options never before available to guests. Additionally, these packages provide exclusive access to coveted central Paris accommodation, ensuring a truly memorable and immersive experience. For those lucky enough to snag these packages, it’s not just about witnessing the Opening Ceremony on or along the Seine River – it’s about scoring prime seats, guaranteeing an epic stay, and enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience. With a surge of visitors flocking to Paris during this exhilarating time, these packages are sure to make the Olympic Games experience seamless and stress-free.

This rendering shows a possible glimpse at what could be one of the most compelling Opening Ceremonies yet, as Paris officials have vowed to make the famed river a star in its own right and provide more opportunities for the public to enjoy it. On Location is a VIP hospitality agency dedicated to curating premium live event experiences and creating lifetime memories for guests. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Opening Ceremony along the Seine River with On Location’s exclusive packages, ensuring not just a spectacular view but an unforgettable experience of this historic event.

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