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Each year, the white-walled homes, businesses, and pathways of Alys Beach, Florida, are illuminated with color and movement during the Digital Graffiti festival, showcasing digital art from around the world. Photos courtesy of Alys Beach.

The Tenth Annual Digital Graffiti Art Festival Converges at Alys Beach

Digital Artists from Around the World Will Compete

May 19–21, 2017

The Alys Foundation, Visit South Walton, and Christie are at it again, once more preparing the unblemished white walls of homes and businesses in Alys Beach, Florida, to be virtually splashed with colors, movement, and creativity. The Tenth Annual Digital Graffiti art festival takes place May 19–21, 2017, in this iconic New Urban community along Scenic Highway 30-A in Northwest Florida.

The annual event is a crowd-pleaser for loyal digital art enthusiasts as they are able to see works of some of the best digital artists from around the globe. The Alys Foundation continues to be a presenting sponsor of Digital Graffiti and a huge asset to the area, funding cultural events as well as children’s programs and other initiatives to sustain the value of the Alys Beach and Walton County communities. Partnering with the Alys Foundation as a presenting sponsor, Christie is on the scene with audiovisual solutions to make sure the art beaming from the walls of Alys Beach each night is mesmerizing to all who visit, while platinum sponsor Visit South Walton brings millions of guests to the communities along Scenic Highway 30-A and Miramar Beach each year.


To honor a decade of awe-inspiring digital art, VIE magazine—also celebrating its upcoming ten-year anniversary—is hosting the Ten-Year Artist Retrospective soiree on Saturday, May 20 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Fonville Press and the surrounding pergola and lawn areas. This digital art gallery and pre-party to Digital Graffiti events is an homage to all the past Best of Show winners. All ticket holders are invited to stop by for a martini, drinks, and small bites from Fonville Press, enjoy strolling through the best of the best from Digital Graffiti festivals past, enter some exciting giveaways, and be there for the 2017 winners announcement for Best of Show, Curator’s Choice, and Honorable Mentions.

For three days, Alys Beach opens its doors, courtyards,
and pedestrian paths to innovative companies and groundbreaking artists who fuse these three components
to transform our entire town into a living work of art.

Fonville Press, having just completed an extensive renovation, is an Alys Beach staple and an important part of the community’s history as a coffee shop and eatery, as well as a gathering place for all. Its namesake, John Fonville, was a dear friend of the town’s developers, the Stephens family. Fonville exhibited all the values of bringing people together and making life better for his neighbors that the Alys Foundation strives to continue today, and Digital Graffiti and VIE are proud to honor that legacy.

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The Digital Graffiti Ten-Year Artist Retrospective gallery and pre-party presented by VIE will take place May 20 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the newly renovated Fonville Press café. Photo by Jack Gardner.

Digital Graffiti 2017 will feature the works of finalists from all over the world competing for the coveted Best in Show award: Luzena Adams, Brooklyn, New York; David Bennett, Nashville, Tennessee; William R. Bullock, Bowral, Australia; Holger Förterer, Karlsruhe, Germany; Emilia Forstreuter, Berlin, Germany; Gary Justis, Bloomington, Illinois; Linda Loh, Brunswick East, Australia; Wayne Madsen, Noblesville, Indiana; Helen Marshall, London, United Kingdom; Jonathan McCabe, Canberra, Australia; Nowhere Mountain, St. Louis, Missouri; Kameron Neal, Brooklyn, New York; James Pricer, Austin, Texas; Axel Cuevas Santamaria, Columbus, Ohio; Cameron Sharp, Columbus, Ohio; Susi Sie, Berlin, Germany; Beau Stanton, Brooklyn, New York; David Sullivan, New Orleans, Louisiana; Joon Sung, Bowling Green, Kentucky; and Mike Winkelmann (a.k.a. Beeple), Appleton, Wisconsin.

digital graffiti; lights; art; alys beach

“Alys Beach becomes their blank canvas,” said Kelli Siler, Alys Beach director of events. “Digital Graffiti explores how design, technology, and architecture can intertwine to create entirely new art forms. For three days, Alys Beach opens its doors, courtyards, and pedestrian paths to innovative companies and groundbreaking artists who fuse these three components to transform our entire town into a living work of art.”


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