It’s a Man’s World After All

Editor’s Note: The Men’s Issue 2013

by Lisa Burwell

Well, at least we men would still like to think so.

VIE, our data has revealed, is read by almost as many men as by women, even though some may have deemed it a “women’s magazine.” To help combat the misconception, we decided to kick off 2013 by dedicating our first issue of the year to the celebration of men.

One of the most well-known artistic representations of man is the Vitruvian Man by Renaissance great Leonardo da Vinci—probably the world’s definitive depiction of perfect proportions. Da Vinci’s iconic image is one of the first examples to blend art with science, and it correlates his theory of how the proportions of the human body relate man to all things found in nature and the universe. Da Vinci spent his lifetime applying this complex theory through his explorations into some of the most beautiful paintings, sculpture, and stunning architecture known the world over.

Pondering this, I consider my occupation as an architect before becoming the editor of VIE. I thought it a great way to communicate and explore the complexities (or is it simplicities) of men and what makes them such an interesting breed. Yep, breed. As different as men are from women, it’s sometimes hard not to think of each as such. As men, we strive to be strong, and we pride ourselves in finding solutions to problems, forging a destiny for ourselves and our families, all while staying true to our primal instincts. It’s a simple concept but not an easy task. VIE Magazine It's a man's world after all


There is an age-old quest for men and women to understand what makes the other gender tick. We just passed the fiftieth anniversary of James Bond on the silver screen—maybe the answer to what makes a man tick can be found by studying the character and escapades of this icon originally concocted by Ian Fleming more than half a century ago. As a fan of the 007 films, I have to admit that the glamour, intrigue, and thrill are appealing. My personal favorite of all the Bonds was the one portrayed by Sean Connery. So, what exactly is so appealing about Bond? Maybe it’s his uncanny ability to always thwart his nemesis or the way he always gets the girl? (“Oh, James!”) Maybe it’s that he gets to traipse the world over, uncovering and undoing some of the most absurdly diabolical schemes a man could imagine. Or maybe it’s the Aston Martin with all those cool gadgets that Auric Goldfinger laughingly referred to as “interesting toys.” Could be.


Whatever the things that drive a man to be a man, no one may ever really know. There is, however, something that most of us do know, and that is this: Behind every great man is a great woman. As fun as it is to think it’s a man’s world, I am persuaded that could only be true if we had the full admiration, respect, and support from the capable women we love. To all of our mothers, sisters, wives, friends, and significant others—we’d be hopeless without you! I think Carlo Pieroni’s Love Boat gracing the cover of this issue is befitting in this respect because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and there isn’t a more perfect time for a man to shine in the eyes of his woman.

This issue pays homage to topics that we believe will be of interest to men—pinup girls, fast cars, cool planes, beer, adventures into the great outdoors including shooting, hunting, and scuba diving—and more! But, ladies, don’t turn your noses up just yet. The stories might be just fascinating enough for you, too. Who knows—maybe you will get some inside scoop on figuring out your man!



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