Tamara Bickley

Good Design Begins with Great Style

Shaped by her South Florida upbringing, Tamara Bickley has a sharp eye for artistic creation and the reinvention of space. Whether it’s new construction or renovation, her instinct and experience have led to many successful outcomes.

Since 1991, Bickley has been transforming ideas into realities for her clients. All of these successes started with a thought, a small idea that was discussed, refined and expanded into a plan of action that she could design, manage, and turn into reality. Bickley’s work can be seen in and around Atlanta and in South Florida. She was awarded First Place by ACI in the 2007 Residential Awards category for her vision and use of concrete brick on the Wieuca Road Modern House project. Additionally, Bickley has renovated and profitably flipped properties repeatedly with tremendous accolades from her peers and clients.

Bickley is an unexpected combination of talents: part designer and part builder. This makes her uniquely suited to help clients create settings that speak to their souls and define their own personal style. Her fashion background has brought high style from the runway to the hallway. Bickley’s involvement in real estate in Atlanta brings an extra asset to the table. She has an in-depth understanding of how to help clients avoid overbuilding their space for resale.

So everything looks fabulous—but what about function? Bickley possesses the passion not only to make a room look aesthetically pleasing, but also to serve many functions. If your project seems like an unsolvable jigsaw puzzle, Bickley has an approach for dealing with the most challenging issues and finding the missing pieces of that puzzle.

Moving into the future, Bickley is constantly looking for new revelations and functional designs that relate to our economic times and environmental awareness.

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Want to know more? Examples of Bickley’s unmatched commitment to design and the limitless possibilities of her work can be found on the Projects page of her website at

Bickley’s mantra: “Good design begins with great style.”
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