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Love Is the Answer

As I paw my second editor’s column, I am delighted to be VIE’s canine ambassador, allowing me to use my voice for the good of mankind and animal-kind alike in our second-ever Animal Issue. As we all know, many people think that dogs are man’s best friend—and indeed we are—but our masters are everything to us as well! We basically live to love our human families. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it, but the word dog spelled backward is God, so I’m sure we were created to love and then love some more. I wish humans could learn to love as we do. Unconditionally. If my words of wisdom could teach you only one thing, it would be to love and accept each other. My mom sometimes sings a tune from the 1960s when we’re driving in the car (and I love a good car ride); it’s called “What the World Needs Now Is Love” by Dionne Warwick. I guess there just isn’t enough of it.

Many years ago, while eating lunch outside at one of my favorite places—it was Smiling Fish in Gulf Place, and unfortunately it isn’t open any longer—I met a young girl and her mother from out of town, and the girl suggested to me that my column should be called “Sucre Says.” I wish I could remember her name these several years later, as this is the perfect name. My own human mother always says, “Out of the mouth of babes speaks the truth.”

So what else do I have to say? Always be kind and truthful, and make sure to stretch every day, as it’s important. Learn not to take life so seriously, as it goes by too fast (even faster for my species). Don’t eat too much, but enjoy your meals and get plenty of water. Take lots of walks and definitely smell the roses—and everything else too.

Always be kind and truthful, and make sure to stretch every day, as it’s important.

I am a Francophile just like my mom, so I will close my letter to you in French. And, I hope our readers don’t mind that I am using a photo that I used four years ago—I really think I look good in this picture!

Au revoir,

Sucre Burwell

Chief Security Officer

— V —

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