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Moveable Feast

The Dinner Party of Your Dreams

Calling all hosts and hostesses! Moveable Feast is the easiest way to host the dinner party of your dreams without the fuss, eliminating hours of food preparation in the kitchen. With rotating fine-dining-inspired menus each month, the box provides a luxury at-home dining experience complete with multiple courses from an acclaimed restaurant.  Co-founded by restaurateurs John Stubbs (of World’s Fifty Best Bar Jewel of the South in New Orleans) and Jon Sybert (of Michelin-starred Tail Up Goat in Washington, D.C.), each month’s dinner party feast is unique and ever-evolving to please their audience of culinary connoisseurs.

Moveable Feast is available as a subscription or a la carte. June’s feast will be curated by chef Michael Rafidi, who previously worked at three-Michelen star Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark. Rafidi has regularly been named one of America’s top chefs and now operates his own Michelen-starred restaurant, Albi, in Washington D.C. Albi, meaning ‘my heart’ in Arabic, showcases Rafidi’s passion for his heritage; his heart-centric gastronomic delights are Palestinian and Jordanian inspired-dishes, bold flavors that are clearly echoed in this limited menu in collaboration with Moveable Feast. We will be eagerly awaiting this bright spread of Middle Eastern cuisine, ranging from smoked carrot kibbeh naya with Levantine pickles, slow smoked beef long rib with date BBQ and smoked onions, Mujaddara with golden onions and lentils, and basbousa cake with pistachio powder and labne chantilly.

Over-the-top dinner parties created by James Beard and Michelen-star awarded winning restaurants delivered directly to you, nationwide

Moveable Feast is easy–reserve for Thursday or Friday delivery and enjoy the meal any time before Sunday night. Your box will receive all the ingredients necessary to create an impressive table spread (in stainless steel and compostable packaging), detailed written and video instructions, and a curated Spotify playlist to set the mood in the kitchen. The best part is no culinary experience is required! Moveable Feast was designed to take no more than 30-45 minutes of preparation, and all ingredients are pre-measured for ease. Choose portion sizes to accommodate anywhere from 2 to 12 guests during the ordering process, and voilá! Fine dining becomes easy and accessible, right in the heart of your home.

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