The living room of a home designed by isidro dunbar Modern interiors


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A Simply Stunning Abode

By Jordan Staggs | Photography courtesy of isidro dunbar Modern Interiors

The more traditional, Tuscan-inspired exterior of this Northwest Florida home is deceiving, as once one enters, they find a bright, colorful, and thoroughly modern interior. The furniture and accessories all hail from the isidro dunbar Modern Interiors (idMI) showroom in Miramar Beach, Florida. The combination of sleek modern seating and pops of color in the great room is artistic yet comfortable.

Several items throughout the home are custom-made, such as the grand entertainment wall in the expansive living area and the headboard in the master bedroom. This home’s interiors were a top-to-bottom renovation, with the standout element being the combined living, dining, and kitchen that were previously closed off in separate areas. The new layout allows for a free-flowing, creative residence that inspires.The entryway of a home designed by isidro dunbar Modern interiors

“We asked the client what she loves most about her home and, simply put, she loves how modern it is,” says Todd Dunbar Reeves, founding partner and creative director at idMI. “We were excited to let our collective imaginations create the stunning outcome of this home for her and her husband. She loves her furniture and how well it fits her style. It’s great to have a client that absolutely believes in you and your taste, and she has ever since we met almost fourteen years ago. We’ve been lucky to work with them since the third day we were open here in the area!”The living room of a home designed by isidro dunbar Modern interiors

Modern interior inspiration has always been the focus for homeowners Ampy and Fred Cox, says Reeves. “Nothing tired or old is ever going to happen in this home,” he continues. “It’s constantly evolving and refreshing, and we are always working toward new, fresh, and creative ways to design.”The bathroom of a home designed by isidro dunbar Modern interiors

The recently completed kitchen features an oversize island with stools, a range, and plenty of storage space via the chic metallic-coated drawers and cabinets, which continue throughout the room. The mirror-glaze finish creates interest and the illusion of a much larger area, as do the barely-there hanging bar lights, which Reeves knew would be the better option over the bubble-like fixtures the homeowners originally wanted (and they agreed). The mirrored surfaces are reflected—literally—along the wall, the dining room table, and the sideboard.The living room of a home designed by isidro dunbar Modern interiors

Ampy and Fred’s art collection also plays a part throughout the home, inspiring the pops of red and gold found throughout the fabrics, pillows, and other accessories. Many pieces are by their middle son, while Ampy painted the abstract work in the entryway last year. Custom rugs create distinctive spaces and bring warmth to the beautiful gray-and-white marbled floors. The couple’s most recent idMI purchase was the black-and-white rug beneath the dining table.The kitchen of a home designed by isidro dunbar Modern interiors

“We met Todd and Jorge when they first opened the store,” says Ampy, “since I had to meet another Cuban in Destin! Since then, our homes have been furnished little by little with the gorgeous modern furniture unique to idMI. We have become great friends with both Todd and Jorge. They immediately knew exactly what we liked, and everything they have shown us for our home has been perfect. There is no other place around this area with such great modern furnishings nor with such talented and experienced people. When I go in, I want to buy everything, and I still have my first purchase—a lamp that’s behind the sofa. I can spend all morning looking at their beautiful furniture.”The living room of a home designed by isidro dunbar Modern interiors

She continues, elaborating on the inspiration and results of the newly redesigned home. “Opening up the space between the kitchen and dining room made such a huge difference.

You can really see the black-and-white theme I have going, and the larger area and pops of red make the furniture look even more outstanding. Everyone who walks in just says, ‘Wow.’”

“We built this home in 1997, and this is the second time we’ve redone the kitchen,” adds Fred. “I was surprised by how big of an island we could get away with now that the wall is gone. We love it.”The bedroom of a home designed by isidro dunbar Modern interiors

As Reeves said, the home will continue to evolve, and the owners agree. “Fred hates shopping, but luckily he likes shopping for furniture,” Ampy laughs. “I’m campaigning for a sectional sofa, so that will probably be our next purchase from idMI!”

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Visit to learn more, or stop by the isidro dunbar Modern Interiors showroom Tuesdays–Saturdays in Miramar Beach, Florida (open Mondays by appointment).

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