2020 Beauty Trends, 2020 health trends, 2020 workout trends, bala bangles


Bala Bangles offer a stylish alternative to typical arm and ankle weights for added resistance in your next workout! | Photo by Joanna McCray, ShopBala.com

Health & Beauty Trends of 2020

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By Abigail Ryan

With a new year—and especially a new decade—upon us, there is a tendency to reflect on past muses; seeing our favorite styles making comebacks seems inevitable. As we peek into a new era (Hello, the ’20s!), we’ve got the scoop on some of the predicted health and beauty trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this year. Time for a blast from the past, as these might even remind you of your younger years.

2020 Beauty Trends, 2020 health trends, 2020 workout trends

Beauty Trends

Make It Sparkle

The new hit show Euphoria has set off a beauty tsunami of graphic under-eye makeup and all things glitter. One of the most popular trends you’ll see is to add a sheer wash of shimmer or a tiny accent along the bottom eyelid for a playful party look. If you’re up to experimenting with your eye makeup, neon shades, white liner, or full-on glitter eyeshadow will always make a statement.

Shine On

Take your cues from Chanel’s Spring 2020 fashion show, where the makeup vibe was glossy, glossier, and glossiest. Models were glistening—lips, lids, and skin—as they traipsed the runway during Paris Fashion Week. Here’s a tip: use a clear face gloss (such as Aquaphor) and tap it onto your cheekbones, nose, and lips. If you want extra color on your lips, layer gloss over lipstick or tinted balm.

No Loose Ends

Hair scarves are wrapping their way into all sorts of hairstyles, whether they’re accenting braids, buns, or updos. Transform your simple do into a more embellished look for any occasion with the help of hair scarves.

2020 Beauty Trends, 2020 health trends, 2020 workout trends

Twist and Shout

Let’s be real; braids have never really gone out of style, and they’re making it known they are here to stay. Mix it up with a fishtail, or keep it simple with a classic French braid. You can’t go wrong either way!

2020 Beauty Trends, 2020 health trends, 2020 workout trends

Hot Tips

Remember being a teenager and using those glue-on French manicure nails and thinking you were the trendiest thing on the block? Well, they’re back—but don’t knock these new twists on the French manicure until you try them. Whether you like your nails short or long, clean or colored, have fun and make it pop!

2020 Beauty Trends, 2020 health trends, 2020 workout trends, LNA Clothing

Feel fierce during your workout or anytime with these Leopard Zipper Leggings by LNA Clothing. | Photo courtesy of LNAClothing.com

Let’s Get Physical

Eye of the Tiger

Exotic animal prints are everywhere you look these days, and if the trend hasn’t already impacted your gym bag, it’s about to. Make a statement with printed leggings and a matching sports bra or top to channel your inner beast mode.

Made to Last

When it comes to other activewear trends to look out for, going green is the new black! Many brands have shifted their production to upcycled artificial fabrics; not only are they more sustainable and environmentally friendly, but they’re also very durable.

2020 Beauty Trends, 2020 health trends, 2020 workout trends, Nike

Many top activewear brands such as Nike now offer a fuller range of sizes so every woman can feel confident and comfortable. | Photo courtesy of Nike

One for All

The future of athleisure is moving in a more inclusive direction. Brands are expanding their reach with products for consumers across all sizes, demonstrating openness and support of body positivity.

2020 Beauty Trends, 2020 health trends, 2020 workout trends, Pure Barre

Pure Barre is a favorite among barre exercise classes and has locations all around the US. | Photo by Brenna Kneiss

Hashtag Fitness

Raise the Barre

Barre fitness is a hybrid workout, combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, and strength training. Most classes incorporate a ballet barre and use classic dance moves such as pliés paired with static stretches, focusing on high reps of small-range movements. Don’t forget those isometric movements, and be sure to hold your body still while you contract specific muscles until you shake and feel the burn!

Fulfill your New Year’s resolutions at these popular barre studios: barre3, The Dailey Method, Pure Barre, or The Barre Code.

2020 Beauty Trends, 2020 health trends, 2020 workout trends, bala bangles

Bala Bangles come in an array of colors and patterns to match all your favorite workout gear. | Photo by @alexaust_, ShopBala.com

Stay Strong

Strength training specializes in the use of resistance and high-intensity intervals to create muscular contractions, which build the strength and endurance of your bones and muscles.

To try different strength training workouts, be sure to visit these trending spots, such as The Training Lab, The Fhitting Room, Tone House, Barry’s Bootcamp, LIT Method, or Orangetheory Fitness.

Here’s to staying healthy and stylish in 2020!

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