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Good Enough

By Pamela Dowling

 Dear Friend,

What is it that you do when opportunity knocks at the door of your heart? Do you answer the door or do you retreat in fear? You know that it could possibly be a way to fulfill the dream in your heart, but could it actually happen? You question yourself and ask, “Am I good enough?”

Sadly, more often than not the answer is “No, I am not good enough.” We close the door and walk back into the mediocre life, too afraid to even try to live the dream that is within us. After all, what would people think? It really does come down to that one thing: fear of what others might think of us.

What if you fail? Let me ask you this: What if you succeed at living out the dream in your heart?

We were created by God not only to be blessed, but to be a blessing to many. When we retreat in fear, we deprive others of the gifts that God has given to each of us. What if I had decided not to step into this wonderful opportunity to write a column for VIE? It could be that someone reading this today or in the future needs a little encouragement, but if, out of fear, I had shut the door to this opportunity, that person would not be touched. God loves us and accepts us totally whether we step through the door or not. His love is not based on what we do; His love is unconditional. It is because of that wonderful truth that we can indeed step out and be unafraid of failure—or of success, for that matter.

One of my heroes is the singer Susan Boyle, who gained her fame after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent. I often watch the YouTube video of her first audition. Millions have seen it. In it we see how she was judged by her appearance not only by the judges on the show, but also by the audience. This is one of the greatest mistakes we can make toward others. When Simon Cowell asked what her dream was, Susan replied, “I’m trying to be a professional singer.” He then asked why hasn’t it worked out before. She replied, “I’ve never been given the chance before. Here’s hoping it will change.” Simon also asked whom she would like to be as successful as, and Susan said Elaine Paige.

Then, Susan opened her mouth, stepped through the door of opportunity, and began to sing. The rest is music history. After sharing her talent with the world, she went on to sing a duet with her own hero, Elaine Paige.

Susan was “good enough,” and so are you!

Pamela Dowling

— V —

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