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Get Your Spritz On!

Get your spritz on! The Aperol spritz seems to be the world’s favorite cocktail in recent years, evoking the feeling of sunlit beach days in Capri or luxury yacht cruises off the French Riviera. Even the drink’s vibrant orange hue perfectly captures the essence of a glowing summer sunset, adding to its irresistible charm.

While Aperol itself didn’t come into existence until the early 1900s, the spritz cocktail style has a fascinating history dating back to the 1800s in Italy. Visitors discovered that Italian wines tended to be a bit too strong, so they resorted to diluting their glasses with a splash (or “spritz” in German) of water. Fast forward to 1919, Luigi and Silvio Barbieri introduced Aperol, the aperitivo they had spent seven years perfecting. Aperol became increasingly popular across Italy, and in 1950, the recipe that makes up the famous Aperol Spritz cocktail was born.

JoJo Fletcher and Mallory Patton, sisters-in-law with a shared passion, embarked on a venture to encapsulate the essence of the perfect bright orange aperitivo spritz. Together, they crafted a ready-to-drink orange spritz, handcrafted and free from the artificial colors and flavors often found in the renowned bright and bitter aperitivo. They envisioned a creation that could effortlessly join you in your beach escapades—a drink that wouldn’t require committing to an entire bottle of prosecco for just one serving. And thus, Saint Spritz came to life.

“We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.” expressed founders JoJo and Mallory. “Like a sunset, a spritz is best shared with friends.” 

Saint Spritz brings the coastal vibes to you with its line of Amalfi canned craft cocktails, available to order and at select retailers. The gluten free bubbly beverage has no added sugar and the cutest packaging! It’s the perfect addition to your next party, pool day, or girls’ night! Grab an orange slice and soak up the sun.

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Visit or follow them on Instagram @saintspritz to learn more or order today.

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