Danielle and Paul Stearly

By Wendy O. Dixon |  Photography by Alecia Lauren Photography

Having lived their lives in Northwest Florida (she is from Shalimar; he, from Milton), Danielle Quinlan and Paul Stearly knew they must have their wedding here, even if that meant planning it from hundreds of miles away.

“It was so hard to plan the wedding because I was working in Ottumwa, Iowa,” Danielle explains. “My husband (then fiancé) was stationed in Omaha, Nebraska, and my family was in Florida.” Initially doing the planning herself, Danielle had help from friends and family during the weeks leading up to the wedding. “I couldn’t have done it without them,” she says.

The bride carried a cheerful orange bouquet during her fall wedding at Pensacola Beach Community Church and celebrated the day she’d planned from afar with those she loved the most. “It was a celebration, and I am so happy that everyone was there to enjoy it with us!”

Favorite Wedding Moment:
“Walking out to the beach with my new husband to take sunset pictures with the photographer,” she says. “It was a very sweet, romantic time with just the two of us. It gave me some time to really let sink it in—that feeling of Wow, we are really married.”

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Pensacola Beach Community Church
Tan and Broke Beach House, Pensacola Beach
Alecia Lauren Photography
Invitations and programs handmade by the bride and bridesmaid Nicki Wyldes
Flowers by Audy Roper and James Harris
Soirée Catering, Pensacola, and Jon and Amy Thacker
Bread of Life Bakery

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