VIE Magazine Editor-In-Chief, Lisa Burwell, July 2017 issue


Creativity Rules

The Art Movement Is Back

by Lisa Burwell

I am at my best when I am at my worst. Every time I experience a significant change in my life, whether planned or unplanned, it is unsettling for me. There is no denying that change is in the air. It seems that anyone open to talking about it has been feeling a little restless and unsettled, no matter their stage in this journey called life. As much as the process of change can hurt, it’s one of the few situations that will spark creative revolution. And, because I’ve experienced such a transformation within my own life time and time again, I embrace change no matter how uncomfortable. The companion to change for me has always been humility. When I’m comfortable, I seem to have a mistaken belief that I am secure and don’t need to push myself. Who doesn’t like security? But—whether you’re a creative soul, an artist, an entrepreneur, or even a stay-at-home parent, for that matter—how to make lemonade from the lemons that life doles out is a good lesson to learn because there is no escaping change.

Growth. We all need it, want it, and strive for it—at least until things don’t work out as quickly as we anticipated or the way that we’d hoped. If it weren’t such a difficult process, a lot more people would reach their highest potential more quickly. But in our fast-paced, “give it to me now” society, very few will attain the heights of personal success because they give up before summiting. Die-hard artists understand the essence of this concept in every fiber of their beings. Driven by blind desire to attain distinction through their art, they must create—that is who they are and what they are destined for. That is why I have such high regard for artists.

Drawing, painting, sculpture, and architecture form the backbone of the visual arts. Then there are the performing arts: music, theater, and dance. And, being in the publishing business, I ought to mention the art of wordsmithing (writing), often overlooked as an art despite its requiring immense creativity. Artistic and aesthetic value can be found in numerous other pursuits as well, including photography, graphic design, and fashion, to name a few. Creating something from nothing is a thrilling experience. But, when things don’t go as planned, it requires much humility, patience, and fortitude to adjust for the changing tides of our culture. When there is a collective angst in the world as there is today, art and artists emerge to either celebrate the beauty or reflect the ugliness around us—hopefully inspiring us all to both appreciate the good things in life and be better contributors to humanity. I am in awe of the artists showcased in this issue, and I hope you enjoy learning about their challenges and life journeys.

Our contribution as artists here at VIE is the presentation of stories through the written word, photography, and graphic design. Our travel spotlight features Charleston, South Carolina, recently voted the best city in the world by the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine. Through the pen of our Charleston-based contributor, Tori Phelps, we are afforded an insider’s take on this beautiful city. As part of VIE’s Stories with Heart and Soul national tour, we will host an invitation-only meet-and-greet in the luxurious Residential Balcony Suite at the boutique Restoration Hotel in Charleston on June 22. This 1,300-square-foot space has been taken from its roots in the eighteen hundreds and transformed into an upscale, sophisticated loft.

To all the artists of the world—I pray that your fires keep burning within and that you continue to create, as you make the world a better place!

To Life!

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—Lisa Marie

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