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Christofle is a luxury Maison founded in Paris in 1830 by a visionary jeweler and entrepreneur, Charles Christofle. Right from the outset, the high-quality silverwork pieces from Christofle, a royal and imperial supplier, have delighted the residences of prestigious customers, adorned the grandest of tables, illuminated travels aboard legendary vessels, and decorated the most famous monuments such as the Paris Opera. Thanks to unique know-how perpetuated from generation to generation, maison Christofle has been reinventing tableware, jewelry and decoration for two centuries. Christofle collaborates with the best artists and internationally renowned designers, transcending simple function into an aesthetic of its own, a daring elegance, a confident style. Always in tune with the times, intrinsically durable, a Christofle piece is designed to be passed down. While Christofle workshops honor exceptional orders for exceptional customers, the signature mirror finish, a carefully guarded secret, capturing all of their lives in silver. Around the world, Christofle is a constant invitation to live with brilliance and distinction.

The silversmiths of the modern era, Christofle knows how to effortlessly elevate your tableware with style and grace. For nearly two hundred years, the brand has worked with seasoned craftsmen and artisans who take pride in creating exceptional flatware, tableware, home decor, and jewelry. Each piece is shaped by hand using age-old trades of spinning, embossing, carving and engraving, ensuring utmost quality. This year, the brand has teamed up with Rolland Garros, which is also known as the French Open, to create a truly memorable and unique campaign. Paying homage to the temple of French tennis, Christofle has hand-selected their bestselling MOOD flatware sets to be sold as a limited-edition collection; each set includes a lacquered display case in a rich terracotta color to model the famed clay courts of the French Open. Sure to impress at your next soirée, this exclusive collection was formally introduced as the official flatware of the French Open’s VIP dining venues.

“Spring gives way to tennis whites and la vie sportive

Three variations of the collection are offered, ranging from espresso spoons to a complete 24-piece silver-plated silverware set to meet the needs of any celebration. The signature MOOD Rolland-Garros set includes 24 pieces of intricately handcrafted silver-plated flatware, containing six spoons, six table knives, six tablespoons and six teaspoons to add Parisian chic refinement to your place settings. When opened, the terracotta container reveals a fine crafted walnut wood base to hold and display your silverware.

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