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ACE at the Beach

Alden Caroline Easter Lopez


Meet Alden Caroline Easter—ACE, for short. She is our Gulf Coast-based palm tree lover, hat curator, and cofounder of JAW Social Media. ACE has grown up along the Emerald Coast of Florida and has made it her mission to share all that the 30-A area has to offer with her followers. Lately, she has been traveling and discovering new sights, restaurants, and places to partake in an Aperol spritz with her husband, Max. However, in her free time, you can find her walking her black Lab squad early in the morning down Scenic Highway 30-A. ACE encompasses the spirit of beach living. We are thrilled to share more about her below!

VIE: How did you start using social media as an influencer?

Alden Caroline Easter: Instagram launched in 2010 when I was starting high school. What began as a fun way to edit photos and share memories with friends quickly blossomed into a creative outlet. At first, I started building a following simply by having fun posting with friends and being an early adopter of the platform. Eventually, I carved out my niche with beach content and positive energy. I worked at Ophelia Swimwear throughout high school (an experience I am eternally grateful for), and my bikini obsession really helped me grow because, while I worked there, owner Tori Pickren Von Hoene gave me so many opportunities to get involved and take lots of photos! My brother, Will Easter, is a photographer and has helped me since the beginning by taking my photos. He is always up for hopping on a YOLO Board and using the GoPro.

VIE: What is your favorite part about your job, and what is your least favorite?

ACE: Like many others, influencing is not my only income source. I cofounded a social media firm, JAW Social Media, with my sister. This takes up most of my work day. With that said, my favorite part of being an influencer is the positive community that I’ve tried to build around myself. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when someone reaches out to say that something you’ve posted or created has lifted their spirits, even if just a little. Being inspired by people I admire and trying to do the same for those around me are big parts of why I keep doing this.

The other side of that coin is that (obviously) not every corner of the internet carries such lofty ideals. The fear of being judged is constantly looming, and seeing comments and posts from accounts whose sole purpose seems to be slamming others for being themselves is a huge negative for me with this space. For the most part, though, I try to let that roll off my back and focus on the people who are there to elevate and build each other up!

VIE: What is a highlight moment you’ve had as an influencer?

ACE: I’ve been blessed enough to work with small and local businesses and make an impact on them. I’ve had a few experiences where the feedback from a company I worked with is that I helped grow their business because of the attention I helped bring them through my platform. I won’t ever take credit for their success, but to be able to help in that way is always rewarding.

What began as a fun way to edit photos and share memories with friends quickly blossomed into a creative outlet.

VIE: What words of wisdom would you give someone interested in becoming an influencer or starting a brand?

ACE: I’d probably grab them, shake them, and say, “Just start!” Often, the most difficult part of any new venture is getting it off the ground, especially when it involves really putting yourself out there. If you’re reading this and have been meticulously weighing the pros and cons or rolling an idea around in your head for months, let this be the sign to start now!

VIE: What are you currently watching, listening to, or reading?

ACE: My husband and I are huge movie fans. We are the crazy people with the monthly AMC memberships. So we are usually watching whatever is out in the theater at the moment. I always gravitate toward movies more than series. I am a big re-watcher, and Mamma Mia!, Blue Crush, and The Holiday are on repeat a little too often.

VIE: Besides your phone, what’s one thing you can’t leave home without?

ACE: I always have sunglasses—I am obsessed with sunnies and usually have three pairs within arm’s reach at all times. Gotta protect my eyes from all my beach days and walks! I also never go without my giant Hydro Flask. Stay hydrated, y’all!

ACE at the Beach, Alden Caroline Easter Lopez, 30A Influencer

VIE: What’s your top travel destination for fall?

ACE: I have such a love for traveling, and my bucket list is very long. I would say my number one destination for fall would be Peru. That has been high on my list for a while. For a place I am soon going and is best to visit in the fall: Oxford, Mississippi, the home of my college alma mater. I always love going when the leaves change and the air is crisp! Because I live in Florida, I love a mini escape to wherever trees change in the fall.

VIE: What’s your favorite fall trend?

ACE: Oooh, there are so many! I would go with the classic styles and neutrals that are such a focal point right now. I am also very into the current clog trend and have my eye on a few pairs.

VIE: Thank you, Alden!

— V —

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