The two-story penthouse at the Conrad New York Midtown hotel offers guests the ultimate luxury stay in NYC.

A Cultured Stay

Conrad New York Midtown Is a Microcosm of New York City’s Art Scene

By Emme Martin | Photography courtesy of Conrad New York Midtown

The art scene in New York City is among the world’s finest. Thanks to abundant opportunities and diverse audiences, the city offers millions of artists the chance to make a mark—no wonder the streets bleed culture and grit. Conrad New York Midtown, situated amid the most bustling borough, Manhattan, keeps the city’s artistic poise at the core of guest experiences, but that’s not all.

Conrad New York Midtown is a Hilton Property that occupies the coveted corner at West 54th Street and Seventh Avenue. Conrad New York Midtown is an elite choice for a swanky stay in the city, close to some of the city’s most famous landmarks, with 562 luxury accommodations (starting at 500 square feet) and exclusive amenities. Here, it’s easy to sleep—even if the city doesn’t.

Leda and the Swan is far from the only impressive art piece in the hotel. From an original Henri Matisse in the lobby to curated works in each guest room the collection at Conrad New York Midtown features thirty-seven world-class artists, creating a unique gallery-worthy experience during your stay.

If the amount of space you get isn’t enticing enough, there are plenty of other indulgences to discover. Notably, Conrad New York Midtown has one of the most sophisticated luxury art collections, inspired by the city’s creative history and exhibiting a refined taste that incorporates classic and contemporary design elements. Conrad New York Midtown is more than a list of luxury amenities that spans past its restaurant and bar, striking views, an expansive fitness center, and more; it’s a love letter to the city. A stay here makes guests fall head over heels for everything that makes New York City irresistible.

Conrad New York Midtown has one of the most sophisticated luxury art collections, inspired by the city’s creative history

The Art

A walk down the street from the property brings pedestrians to some of the world’s most famous museums. But no distance keeps hotel guests from seeing some of the most recognized names in art, as the iconic Leda and the Swan, an original sculpture by Carole Feuerman, sits humbly in the lobby. The level of detail in the hotel’s art collection is comparable to a traditional gallery, thanks to the work of Visto Images, a boutique art consultancy based in Paris. Every piece tells a story, working in tandem to tell a larger one—a specialty of Visto, which has curated collections for some of the world’s most prestigious properties.

Conrad New York Midtown’s 562 guest accommodations range from spacious studio rooms to apartment-style sky suites and a penthouse with incredible New York City views.

The hotel’s art—featuring thirty-seven artists ranging from abstract expressionism, pop art, street photography, hyperrealism, and contemporary art—illustrates New York City’s ability to reinvent itself. More recently, the world watched in awe as the city bounced back from the pandemic, reinforcing the indestructible nature on which the collection hinges. Considering the amount of creativity and zeal the city holds, it is a shame that anyone ever contemplated its demise.

Each piece in the Conrad New York Midtown represents a new guise, depicting the pivotal art movements integral to the city’s DNA. They are all unique and intriguing on their own, but even more so as a whole. As a result, the collection makes Conrad New York Midtown the perfect environment for those visiting to experience the arts. Not to mention its proximity to the MoMA, which holds some of the most famous works in the world by artists such as Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, Henri Rousseau, and Vincent van Gogh, to name a few.

Similar to the galleries down the street, the placement of each piece in the hotel holds meaning. No other work in the hotel exemplifies this more than Leda and the Swan. The idyllic sculpture—inspired by the Greek myth in which Zeus disguises himself as a swan to seduce the lovely Leda—sits gracefully behind the hotel’s revolving doors, serving as the first impression for incoming guests. The lifelike Leda, in a black-and-gold swimsuit, reclines on the swan and gives guests a feeling of luxury and nostalgia from the moment they step onto the property. It is impossible not to marvel at the lacquer on the resin structure, accentuated by 24-karat gold leaf and Swarovski crystals meticulously placed to resemble water droplets. Feuerman further defines hyperrealism using materials such as fiberglass, armature, primer, automotive urethane paint, and natural and synthetic hair.

Overall, the piece tells a story of strength matched with the struggle to achieve, and nothing defines NYC more than that sentiment. Moreover, it sets the stage for the rest of the hotel experience by encouraging guests to look closer at what’s in front of them, priming them for the microcosm of the city’s rich and culturally diverse art world inside Conrad New York Midtown’s walls.

A commissioned piece by Blake Daniels further contributes to this gallery-within-a-hotel in the form of The Fruited Plain. Daniels derived his inspiration from the city’s wild side, which needs no further explanation. He combines figurative elements and a rich color palette of deep greens, blues, and purples to portray an urban jungle vibe that juxtaposes the structured city with spontaneous energy best translated through art.

Another anecdote comes from London-based artist Amy Judd, who plays off themes of nature and women in Awakening. The piece ambiguously depicts a woman concealed by the feathers of a bird, a nod to the relationship between beauty, misfortune, and even death.

Furthermore, Brazilian artist Marcelo Monreal studies the superficial with his digitally rendered collages that reveal the inner beauty of his subject with blossoming flowers and foliage. The idea is that people keep their authentic selves hidden, and underneath the mask is where our true beauty lies. It’s an important notion, especially in a city where it is easy to develop a hard shell.

These are only a few stories that Conrad New York Midtown holds, and their resounding messages offer guests something to ponder during their stay. They’re necessary studies of life, struggle, love, and compassion that NYC has a way of romanticizing in the name of art.

The Suites

A good night’s sleep is another art form that Conrad New York Midtown has mastered in its 562 luxury accommodations. Gorgeous city and Central Park views are up for grabs and well worth the investment. The interiors are chic yet inviting, with herringbone wood floors, hand-tufted wool rugs, large bay windows, and sleek Carrera marble bathrooms. But the small details, such as the crowned ceilings, plush robes, thick curtains, high thread count sheets, and Nespresso machines in every room, are what make the stay so sumptuous.

The sense of comfort here makes guests never want to leave, not to mention the convenience of the twenty-four-hour gym and room service that rivals some of the city’s best dining experiences. The property also offers various room layouts to accommodate guests’ needs, ranging in size and price.

Perhaps the most comfortable experience of all lies at the top.

The 2,800-square-foot penthouse is the epitome of New York City grandeur, boasting virtually unobstructed panoramic views of Central Park, West 54th Street, and the Hudson River.

The two-story layout combines contemporary functionality with modern elements that create a cinematic appeal in the space. In addition, fortunate guests can enjoy two master king bedrooms and a spacious living area with a fireplace and oversized sectional. Deep marble soaking tubs, a posh dining area, a dedicated working space, and all the other nuanced elements that create a luxury experience complete the quintessential penthouse experience—of course, words, or even pictures, could never do it justice.


Lucky for Conrad New York Midtown guests, staying close to home for a bite at the hotel’s onsite restaurant is always an option. Whether guests dine in the warm modern restaurant space or their bed, Dabble offers all-day dining and room service for light fare and classic cocktails.

The casual yet elevated atmosphere allows guests to dabble in new experiences.

Dabble, the onsite bar and restaurant at Conrad New York Midtown, offers the perfect spot for cocktails, light bites, or more substantial meals in a posh atmosphere surrounded by art.

The casual yet elevated atmosphere allows guests to dabble in new experiences. Signature cocktails, such as a lavender martini or passion fruit fizz, are the ideal precursor to nights out on the town. But any expert knows that cocktail hour is incomplete without the beloved classics such as bruschetta and charcuterie that Dabble does so well. More considerable appetites will be satisfied with the steakhouse burger or the grass-fed ribeye—and of course, dessert is always recommended.

Things to Do

Exploring the city becomes incredibly convenient for those staying at Conrad New York Midtown. The central location is only a short walk from Central Park, Broadway, Times Square, and other Midtown shopping and landmarks, making it easy to fulfill even the most extensive itineraries. As mentioned before, the location is also superior for those looking to continue pondering the arts outside the hotel. The MoMA is a short walk down the street, and the Museum of Arts and Design is right around the corner. The Met, the Guggenheim, and the Museum of Natural History are also within walking distance if you fancy a jaunt through Central Park to get there.

Whether in the city for work or play, Conrad New York Midtown makes a luxurious yet comfortable home base for all your activities and a restful night’s sleep (or a power nap). There’s no doubt its attentive and friendly staff take their roles seriously as they fulfill the Hilton brand’s motto, making every effort to ensure guests are taken care of and welcomed “For the Stay” from the moment they arrive to the time they say goodbye.

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