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Looking to add more golden hours into your life? Look no further for inspiration than Florida-based lifestyle blogger Jami Ray, who loves to share cotton candy-colored skies, family travels, and outfit ideas for fashionistas of all ages. When she isn’t letting us in on her latest style and travel tips, this mom of two is designing colorful graphics for the town of Seaside, Florida, as well as her online storefront, 30A Mama. Ray loves to curate content for herself and helps fellow entrepreneurs with branding, strategy, and graphic design. Learn more about her below!

VIE: How did you start using social media as an influencer?

Jami Ray: In 2012, I started a blog called 30A Street Style and began sharing outfits I spotted around town. I’d post the images and outfit details on Instagram, including current trends, inspiration boards, outfit ideas for events, and my style choices. Eventually, I got so many requests for mom content that it transitioned into my personal lifestyle platform focused on style, beauty, family travel, and sharing our 30-A area favorites. Now, in addition to sharing other brands I enjoy, I have my own little online shop with sunset prints, photography, and curated fashion.

Jami Ray, 30A Mama, 30A Influencer, Fashion Influencer, Instagram Influencer

VIE: What is your favorite part about your job, and what is your least favorite?

JR: I absolutely love brainstorming creative ideas and mapping out a photo shoot, a campaign, or a content plan, whether it’s for a brand collaboration, a UGC project, or my own products. I like to think big and then get into the details of how to make it happen and what that looks like. I love sharing everyday moments like my beauty routine, what my kids are loving, or my Amazon finds. It’s so easy to share what’s true to me. My least favorite part is the feeling of trying to “keep up” with new platforms and so many industry trends, so I try to shut out unnecessary comparison and sensory overload if I feel overwhelmed.

VIE: What is a highlight moment you’ve experienced as an influencer?

JR: Overall, my shining moments have been more personal with my family over the years. Partnering with destinations and brands who have shared incredible experiences with us and given me the opportunity to make special memories has been invaluable. From Disney to the Florida Keys to NYC, we’ve had many moments where my girls have seen firsthand how creativity and imagination can bring tangible fun and give you the power to write your story.

Creativity and imagination can bring tangible fun and give you the power to write your story.

VIE: What words of wisdom would you give someone interested in becoming an influencer or starting a brand?

JR: Think strategically, but work from the heart. Even in a creative field, you need to have a business mindset to have staying power as a brand. Still, you have to be happy and fulfilled by the little things to put in the work daily and show up with goals in mind.

VIE: What are you currently watching, listening to, or reading?

JR: For me, a podcast or audiobook is the way to go. For books, I love true crime, a thriller with a twist, or a good drama. I loved The Nightingale and just finished The Rose Code. For podcasts, I’m into the new season of Over My Dead Body, love a good SmartLess episode, and count The Toast as my guilty pleasure.

VIE: Besides your phone, what’s one thing you can’t leave home without?

JR: My iPad is essential. I’m addicted to Goodnotes and Procreate for organizing and scratching out concepts.

VIE: What’s your top travel destination for fall?

JR: I would love to take a mini tour of the Northeast and hop between a few small towns in Vermont and some coastal spots in New Hampshire and Maine.

VIE: What’s your favorite fall trend?

JR: I’m loving classic silhouettes in luxe textures right now—blazers and dresses in silky finishes, sequins, and pretty 3D flower fabrics.

VIE: Thank you, Jami!

— V —

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