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The Best Alcohol Subscription Boxes to Try at Home

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April 17, 2020,

“Back in the day,” (AKA, before COVID-19) there were many ways to get alcohol—liquor stores, grocery stores, gifts from friends, bars, and restaurants. But opportunities to browse the aisles in stores or to go grab a drink with a friend have temporarily been disrupted due to the current international crisis, and we’re falling back to plan B on how to enjoy a drink without leaving the comfort of our homes. Plus, it’s a chance to up the game with our bartending skills! Check out some of our favorite spirit subscription boxes to help you channel your inner mixologist in your very own kitchen.


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Flaviar Whiskey Club

Flaviar is here to help members try new things more often. Not only do they send out personalized samples and complimentary bottles, but they also give members access to rare and original spirits and keep them educated and entertained with boozy content. If they like the samples in the subscription box, members have the opportunity to purchase the full bottle if they choose.

To learn more about Flaviar and to sign up for $95 per quarter, visit


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Mash & Grape

At the roots of its existence, Mash & Grape is an online liquor store with unlimited possibilities. Members will stumble upon products they’ve never tried before and maybe have never even heard of. Mash & Grape offers monthly clubs for six main liquor categories: tequila, rum, bourbon, gin, scotch, and whiskey. With a club of your choice, members will receive a bottle curated by the experts at Mash & Grape each month that, chances are, they would’ve never discovered on their own.

To learn more about Mash & Grape and to sign up for $44 a month, visit


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Taster’s Club

Taster’s Club is the ideal subscription for anyone who prefers to stick to their go-to liquor. With eleven different spirit club options, each specializing in one specific spirit, you can get background history about the liquor distillery and even get tasting notes for every bottle, giving members the chance to learn a lot about the stuff they love to drink. Taster’s Club also offers a “Stock the Bar” club where members get a monthly mix of everything.

To learn more about Taster’s Club and to sign up for $44 a month, visit


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American Cocktail Club

American Cocktail Club is your one-stop-shop for becoming a master mixologist. Every month, subscribers will receive the Everything Box with all the ingredients they’ll need to create four servings of a featured cocktail—or you can always make a mocktail with their Everything but the Booze Box, if you prefer otherwise. Whether you choose to make yourself one drink and save the rest for later or decide to have a date night with your significant other on a Friday night, you’re sure to have fun “mixing it up!”

To learn more about American Cocktail Club and to sign up starting at $28 a month, visit


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Shaker & Spoon

All that’s missing is the booze—and you! With Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club’s curated monthly subscription box, you can try all the incredible cocktail concoctions that you might not usually make at home. The box comes with recipes and all the ingredients you need (aside from the recommended liquor) to make each drink. It’s a fun addition to any party or the perfect gift idea for the cocktail connoisseur in your family or friend group!

To learn more about Shaker & Spoon and to sign up for $40 a month, visit

So, are you ready to put on some music and pretend you’re in your favorite bar while enjoying these specialty drinks in the comfort of your home? Don’t forget to call up your friends via Facetime or Zoom for a virtual happy hour!

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