VIE Speaks – Think Out Loud: Justin Gaffrey (Video)

March 17, 2014

Please join us for the second episode of our VIE Speaks – Think Out Loud video series.

Artist Justin Gaffrey began painting in 2001 after spending his life dabbling in many types of work, including carpentry and the restaurant business. Now, his “sculpted” style of painting has become widely collected throughout the country. He creates and sells original works from his studio/gallery in Blue Mt. Beach, Florida, and his gallery in Seaside, Florida, and has become a favorite artist among many visitors and locals in the Highway 30-A area.

At the inaugural VIE Speaks – Think Out Loud presentation in Seaside on February 21, 2014, Justin shared tales of inspiration and self-awareness through meditation as he debuted some of his newest works and expounded upon his newfound love of writing poetry.

A huge Thank You goes out to all who attended this event at The Seaside REP Theatre. Thank you to The REP and your team for being such gracious hosts, and to the culinary prowess of Roux 30a for keeping us wined and fed during the event. Learn more about Justin Gaffrey and his work by visiting or reading about him in VIE’s 2012 Home & Garden Issue and 2013 Artist Issue.