Top Finance Podcasts to Help You Achieve Financial Security

January 31, 2022


Finance Podcasts

It is easy to get lost in the world of finance, especially when you don’t know where to look. Finance directly affects our daily life and ultimately how we will live in the future. Knowing where your money is and what it is doing for you is essential to achieving financial security. Financial security is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are financially equipped to cover your expenses and, if you’re debt-free, you owe nothing to no one! This comes from smart investing, careful saving, and awareness. Seizing control of your life and finances is the first step to financial security. I was listening to a podcast once and the guest speaker said, “I’m making money while I sleep!” This immediately grabbed my attention and was the start of my journey to discovering financial podcasts.



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The first podcast, and my personal favorite, that I came across was The Ramsey Show. Dave Ramsey is the host and he frequently hosts guest speakers. During the show, he discusses life and money-related topics with his callers. I favor this podcast because the episodes are a convenient forty minutes with three episodes a day. In every episode, Ramsey stresses the importance of being debt-free and how that leads to financial security. Furthermore, I like this podcast because Dave Ramsey relates to the callers and puts himself in their shoes, then gives them advice that he would want if he was in that situation. Also, I appreciate that he is straight to the point with his answers, to eliminate confusion and unessential conversation.

SO MONEY with Farnoosh Torabi

In 2015, Farnoosh Torabi started her podcast from home following the birth of her first child. This podcast offers financial education for big and small money moves with a balanced approach for working families to live a rich life. The podcast produces two to three episodes weekly. It also provides financial advice while highlighting current social events, such as climate change and reducing the racial wealth gap. Torabi gets personal with her listeners and talks about her own money priorities, and she strategically incorporates stories of past and upcoming career pivots to engage a wide audience. While providing a technical and emotional side to financial well-being, this podcast is a convenient way to broaden your knowledge of daily and long-term financial action.



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Clark Howard has been imparting financial advice for more than thirty years. His podcast episodes average forty minutes in length and a new one comes out every day. Listeners like his podcast because he provides a balance between hot topics and current economic trends. The Clark Howard Podcast is similar to the Dave Ramsey Show except without the hard and fast rules. Clark Howard provides practical and actionable ways for listeners to improve their daily and financial lives. In addition to his podcast, Howard has a website that lists the best deals on products from cars to healthcare.

In today’s modern world with evolving social media, finding what best suits your needs for consuming information is easier than ever. Whatever specific financial questions you may have, there is likely a podcast out there with advice from successful entrepreneurs that can help you along your journey. With many different podcasts available, an array of topics is covered, offering listeners personalized financial advice.


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