Free Anxiety Workshops with Gabby Bernstein

April 16, 2020

By Olivia Manthey

Now that we’ve been WFH and many people have been in quarantine for over a month now, it is very easy to start feeling down or anxious. As we are all struggling with being cooped up and the uncertainty of what is to come, we often try to search for something that makes us feel better. Gabby Bernstein is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and motivational speaker with a huge following on social media. She has been gracing her audience during this time with helpful words, blogs, and now a free anxiety workshop with Gabby Bernstein! We are all in need of not only self-care for our bodies but also for our minds. Gabby Bernstein is an encouraging woman and someone we all can take anxiety tips from! Get more wisdom from Gabby Bernstein in VIE magazine’s 2019 inaugural Women’s Issue here.

Check out a few of our favorite Gabby Bernstein blog posts and videos:

Spiritual Tools to Relieve Anxiety About the Coronavirus

This blog post by Gabby is especially helpful at this time. With the coronavirus pandemic going on, a lot of people are experiencing increased anxiety, whether it stems from being cooped up, juggling work and home life, worrying about the unknown, or having health issues. Gabby Bernstein reminds us that we are not alone in this! Remembering to say calm amid the chaos is paramount. Try not to let this pandemic steal your peace, and practice self-care and other practices that will bring your back to your center. Check out the full blog here.

How to Show Up As a Spiritual Activist Right Now

This blog is for those spiritual gangsters that are in the pandemic slumps. In her post, Gabby shares advice such as how to strengthen your spiritual connection to finding a sense of confidence. “You’re reading this because you are a Spirit Junkie,” she says. “You’re on a mission to live to your highest potential, and you have the power to serve in a great way. I want to encourage you to do that. Support, serve, and bring a lot of love and light to this world right now.” Check out the full blog here.

Calm Your Mind During Anxious Times: The Acceptance Prayer

Feeling Fearful? Watch This.


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Gabby Bernstein is also hosting an online mental health seminar during the coronavirus pandemic crisis. In this free online seminar, she is sharing:

  • The spiritual tools she uses to maintain a steady sense of peace during difficult times
  • A technique that helps you feel comforted within minutes
  • Her favorite guided meditation for feeling safe
  • An anxiety relief method you can use anywhere, anytime

Want to learn more about Gabby’s free anxiety workshops or sign up? Click here to get the scoop and start feeling better today!

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