Quickly gain attention for your brand by aligning with VIE magazine to share your message, core values, corporate culture, vision, and mission. This is in a new hybrid of marketing — Brand Alliance Marketing. The objective of this unique platform is to generate awareness and increase your visibility through added value of our numerous marketing outlets; essentially causing the need for only one media buy.

By uniting with VIE, we can create communications and promotional activities, as well as a valuable advertising package that merges our publishing and marketing services. Each Brand Alliance is fully customizable to fit your needs. VIE’s expert staff will work with you to create a perfect marketing package for your message to reach your target audience as effectively as possible.

VIE Brand Alliance rates are priced custom to each client’s package.
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What Our Partners Are Saying


Our company, E. F. San Juan, Inc., specializes in the manufacture of highly custom wood millwork and cabinetry. For the past decade, VIE magazine has been an integral part of our print advertising. As a result of the trust and confidence developed over the years with the team at VIE, we determined that this group of professionals could work with us to elevate recognition of our brand to new heights. Today, The Idea Boutique manages all of our company’s marketing needs. The work they do on our behalf is first-class in every way, and we could not be more pleased with the results we see on a daily basis. We are a company that specializes in details, and our partners at The Idea Boutique and VIE are the perfect match, reflecting this quality in all the work they perform to represent the E. F. San Juan brand to our market. If you wish to elevate your brand and you seek to partner with a team of professionals who are dedicated to their craft and who strive for perfection in all they do, you must consult with our good friends at The Idea Boutique and VIE magazine. It will be one of the best
business decisions you make.

Edward A. San Juan, President of E. F. San Juan

Working with VIE is a pure pleasure. Everyone we work with is professional, eager to help, and pleasant to work with. The finished product is consistently outstanding and a fantastic representation of our business. VIE magazine is an asset for The Zoo Gallery and something we could not be more proud
to be a part of.

Baxter Wilson, The Zoo Gallery

I have been advertising with VIE magazine since the day I opened my doors in 2007. They have always treated my business as if it were their own. Their editorial content is second to none, as are their photos and overall quality of the magazine. As Firefly is one of the few fine dining restaurants in Panama City Beach, VIE magazine attracts the higher-end clientele that I’m trying to reach. They also do a fantastic job with my website, providing great photos, content, and customer service. The Florida Panhandle is a special place, and nobody showcases what we have to offer better than VIE!

Dave Trepanier, Owner of Firefly

I am the no-tech, no-computer, not ‘up with the times’ person. The team at VIE / The Idea Boutique makes this ‘not important’ by taking over and implementing whatever idea, thought, plan, or project that we have—from creating invitations and business cards to designing and keeping up our website, writing articles, blogs, and social media blasts, creating all of our print ads (not just for VIE magazine), creating our logo and our branding, and pretty much being there as support, advice, and a means to carry out all of the marketing, advertising, branding, creative, and print needs we could ever have.


I love the VIE / Idea Boutique team. I love that each team member has a role, so I know who to go to for what question or need. Everyone on the team is super quick to respond and super quick to get the job done, all with a smile. I love that they will meet with me or our team in person anytime we ask. This means a lot in our current world of ‘too busy-ness.’ The number of times they have saved me is incredible. We would have to hire someone full-time to do what VIE / The Idea Boutique does for us. I am able to handle all my other responsibilities knowing that they are taking care of what needs to be done in all of the areas above.


Thank you for being our friends in the process of our business relationship.

Hope Lovelace, Business Manager for Lovelace Interiors

Alys Beach’s longtime partnership with VIE is more than just a vendor/client transaction, more than just us placing ads in a beautiful publication. It is a true relationship that has organically and authentically grown over the years into an ongoing exchange of ideas, inspirations, content, and experiences between two like-minded organizations working seamlessly together to deliver impactful, entertaining, and interesting content through a variety of efforts. We are grateful for our partnership with VIE, appreciate their commitment to telling the Alys Beach story, and always look forward to new ideas and opportunities
to grow our relationship!

Stacy Hamilton, VP of Marketing and Communications for Alys Beach

Working with VIE magazine was a dream bucket-list item I didn’t know I had. When I was approached by their team, I felt an immediate connection and immense support. I never thought in a million years I would be ‘cover girl’ material, and they made me feel absolutely on top of the world. They recognized the hard work I had been putting into my company for the last six years and came with loving arms to support Tribe Kelley’s story. I have never had a media outlet come to me with such love and support, ever. In fact, VIE magazine has been my favorite magazine and team to work with as they break drown any preconceived thoughts of typical media outlets. They built me up as a woman business owner and recognized something I didn’t even see in myself. I am forever grateful for my VIE magazine Tribe.

Brittney Kelley, Founder/CEO of Tribe Kelley

I’ve known Lisa Burwell, owner and founder of VIE magazine, for many years now and have both been featured in the magazine and included in their VIE Speaks series. I’ve always felt that VIE was a premium example of a publication that stays committed to both breaking boundaries, highlighting global culture, art, design, and technology while maintaining integrity, interest, and connection with artisans and experiences.

Shantell Martin, Artist

The VIE magazine article highlighting Mercy Multiplied and its founder and president, Nancy Alcorn, has been a great resource for the ministry to spread the word about who we are and what we do. This article has helped us reach new audiences and bring new awareness to the organization. As a nonprofit that is completely funded by donations and which offers services free-of-charge to its residents, we rely on highly respected publications like VIE to help us spread the word about our mission. This article gives a great overview of our organization, and the feedback from our supporters about the article has been very encouraging. We are so thankful to VIE magazine for featuring Mercy Multiplied and salute them in the positive impact they are making in media!

Nancy Alcorn, Founder/President of Mercy Multiplied

Recently, I was contacted about having a small feature (an interview and some photography of mine) in VIE magazine (January 2020 issue). I was instantly interested in profiling myself in the beautiful travel issue for VIEas not only a marketing tool but also as a time stamp on my career. Dealing with everyone from the magazine was super easy, with great response, and the back and forth of sending questions, answers, photography, etc., was so easy. I’d gladly recommend collaborating with VIE and I hope to continue to work on projects or shoots with them in the future. Thanks for having me be a part of this beautiful issue.

Douglas Lyle Thompson, Photographer

First and foremost, this magazine is so beautiful and so special. What they have built, the editorial content, the creative content—it is such a wonderful magazine to read. I’ve never thrown away an issue. On another note, I’ve had the honor to be featured as a cover artist on the magazines. The response from my collectors, as well as new business, was tremendous. Literally, my email was dinging so much; I could’ve made the hottest club song of the summer with the dings alone. It is so well done and such an absolutely professional, beautiful platform for editorial. I’m not only honored to have been in this magazine so many times, but again, by the response from people, and the readers are so loyal. I just can’t say enough about it—I love it. I absolutely love it!

Ashley Longshore, Artist

VIE / The Idea Boutique has helped our business, Extra Ordinary Delights, grow from a small local company to have a national presence in a few short years. We are beyond grateful for Lisa Burwell and her entire team. They bring so much talent to the table and will work tirelessly on your project, ensuring your business is represented to its full capacity. Whether they design your logo, build a website, feature you in their publications, or completely redesign your brand, they can do it all and they do it extremely well.

McKayla Hale, Extra Ordinary Delights

I love writing monthly VIE columns and feel honored to cover different topics and be included in one of the only remaining luxury magazines in the country. It’s especially gratifying to come across the magazine in many different places, such as in the ABC TV Green Room, high-end spas, luxury inns, and living rooms in some of the nicest homes in Charleston, New York, DC, and Connecticut.

Suzanne Pollak, Dean of the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits