Wine Subscription Services You Can Try at Home

April 3, 2020

Once upon a time, it was just a matter of convenience to have your groceries delivered to your doorstep. Amid the spread of COVID-19, it is now one of the several safety precautions one can take to practice social distancing. Thankfully, over the last couple of years, the growth of wine subscriptions has skyrocketed for knowledgeable vino drinkers and for those who aren’t as familiar. Some even help customers pair the best food and wine combinations. Companies like Winc Wine Club, Bright Cellars, and Wine Awesomeness let their subscribers rate their wines, and, in return, their in-house experts will then recommend the best wines for each individual based on their palate. There’s a subscription for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for. Get your at-home wine tour ready!


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Winc Wine Club

Members of Winc Wine Club will receive four wines each month—one for every week! New members answer a six-question survey to help the wine experts asses your tastebuds. After you try a bottle, the customer will then rate the wine to help Winc narrow down picks for the next month’s shipment. The service is very flexible, so you can skip a month or cancel whenever you’d like! The price per box varies based on the wines included, but they start at $13 a bottle.

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Plonk Wine Club

Plonk Wine Club members can receive their subscription box with four or twelve bottles, monthly or quarterly. Customers can choose from red, white, or a combination. Each wine is meticulously thought out and sourced from natural, organic grapes with no additives or pesticides. Plonk offers the opportunity to taste rare bottles made by wineries ranging from Argentina to Australia and beyond!

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Martha Stewart Wine Club

Who wouldn’t want Martha Stewart curating their wine selections? Martha’s members can choose to receive six bottles every six weeks for $50 each shipment or twelve bottles every eight weeks for less than $100 a shipment. The first one will include a variety of award-winning wines from France. Top-rated wines delivered right to your doorstep? Sign us up!

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Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars is practically the matchmaking service of the wine industry, pairing you with four fine wines for just $60 a month. Their algorithms, Bright Points, scores each vino by comparing eighteen elements based on your preferences. If you can’t find a bottle that suits your fancy, their Wine Concierge will even help you select a free replacement bottle. All of their wines are sourced from small mom-and-pop vineyards from Spain, Italy, Portugal, and South America!

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Vinesse Wines

Want to broaden your palate while still staying loyal to your go-tos? Vinesse Wines has been in the wine industry since 1933, and its wine experts work hard to select the perfect bottles for you! Customers will be able to rate each shipment so they can keep receiving the ones they love while also better customizing future shipments. Subscription plans are easily flexible, and for a limited time, new members will receive eight wines in their first shipment for only $50!

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Wine Awesomeness

Want to get more than a bottle of wine with your subscription? Wine Awesomeness delivers the stories behind each bottle, a vocabulary lesson on wine, and recommendations of the right types of food to pair their wines with thebacklabel, the brand’s monthly magazine. Subscription boxes contain three bottles of wine starting at $49. If that’s not enough, you can order six bottles for $79 a subscription. Members can receive monthly packages but can also personalize their delivery frequency once they become a Wine Awesomeness member. Subscribers also have the option to choose between red, white, or a combination with free shipping.

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A subscription that gets better with each order? We’re in! Firstleaf’s wine experts’ job is to find new and exciting varieties all the time. Firstleaf customers rate their bottles after consumption, and the company’s algorithm uses the member’s rating to curate their next box based on palate and preference. Firstleaf gives subscribers the freedom to choose how often they want each shipment and what types of wines they’d like to receive at home.

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Starting at $72 each quarter, Vinebox lets subscribers taste new wines and broaden their palates with wines from different regions without having to commit to a full bottle. Vinebox curates what they deem to be nine of the best wines in season and delivers them in vials instead of bottles. Each box of vials, which contain enough wine for the size of an average glass, also includes a credit with Vinebox to purchase the full bottles of any of the wines customers loved! During Christmastime, they also offer an advent calendar called the Twelve Nights of Wine, which includes a box of twelve wines from around the world. Due to popular demand, be sure to pre-order your Twelve Night of Wine before they sell out!

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In these uncertain times, you can still get your favorite wines and try new ones at home! Spice up your Zoom happy hour with friends or have a date night with your significant other thanks to these wines and a delicious homemade meal. After all, we could use a good excuse to dress up right about now!

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