C’est la VIE Curated Collection

Eclectic Elegance

Good design is not forced or impersonal. Instead, it offers an opportunity to tell a story, and every good story has layers. For instance, a unique bowl in the home might represent an unforgettable trip to Thailand, or a comfortable chair can remind one to rest. The story and meaning lie in the details that resonate with you and make you feel seen, understood, and cared for. So whatever story your house tells, make sure it’s your favorite one!

Carrot Cake

Agnes Studio Lana Chair

$5,500 –

La Rosa

Raawii Strøm Pitcher – Medium in Salsa

$114 –

Get Ziggy with It

Missoni Home Agadir Cushion

$375 –

Quit Playing Games

Raffia Backgammon

$498 –

Up Top

Salt Creek Bar Stool

$1,198 –

Caged in Gold

Colonnade Ring Satin, 22-Karat Gold

$1,400 –

Vintage Velvet

Luca Armchair

$1,311 – 


Ottolenghi for Serax Feast Cups, Set of Four

$67 –

Chic Teak

Santorini Outdoor Teak Swivel Chair

$2,533 –

Fruity and Fabulous

Casa Bugatti Petalo Fruit Bowl

$588 –

Fine Like Wine

Hammered Glass Carafe

$40 –

Table It

Sino Coffee Table in Walnut

$1,849 –

Must-Have Mustard

Blossom Stool

Price on Request –

Eye of the Tiger

Azalea Earring, Tiger Eye, Large

$150 –

Dripping in Gold

Perigee Bracelet, 22-Karat Gold

$4,500 –

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