VIE is a French word meaning “life” or “way of living.” VIE magazine sets itself apart as a high-gloss publication that focuses on human-interest stories with heart and soul. The award-winning magazine includes national stories on fashion, culture, travel, and more and has a distribution of 35,000 copies monthly. The magazine is distributed throughout Northwest Florida and sold on newsstands in the following airports: John F. Kennedy International (New York), Boston Logan International, O’Hare International and Midway International (Chicago), Philadelphia International, Baltimore–Washington International, Houston Hobby, Memphis International, Nashville International, Orlando International, and Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International. VIE is also sold in Publix, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million, as well as newsstands in New York City near Penn Station, to name a few. From Seattle to NYC with a concentration in the Northeast, VIE is known for its unique editorial approach—a broad spectrum of deep content with rich photography.


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NATIONAL Advertising Rates

Standard 1x 3x 6x 10x
Two-Page Spread $14,000 $12,275 $10,050 $7,825
Full Page $7,500 $7,100 $6,500 $5,900
1/2-Page – H $4,500 $4,100 $3,500 $2,900


Preferred 1x 3x 6x 10x
Back Cover $16,300 $15,700 $15,100 $14,500
Inside Back Cover $9,000 $8,400 $7,800 $7,200
Page 2 & 3 $16,000 $15,400 $14,800 $14,200


Other Guaranteed Positions – Add 20%
Ad Design – $150 (Includes one proof; after which, $125/hr. design rate applied.)

Payment Options

Check, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Discover. Net 15 days from billing date. A 1.5% interest charge will be assessed on past-due invoices.

All prices include full color and are based on a per-issue basis. Rates listed above are net rates and do not include agency discounts.


VIE Brand Alliance

Quickly gain attention for your brand by aligning with VIE magazine to share your message, core values, corporate culture, vision, and mission. This is in a new hybrid of marketing — Brand Alliance Marketing. The objective of this unique platform is to generate awareness and increase your visibility through added value of our numerous marketing outlets; essentially causing the need for only one media buy.

By uniting with VIE, we can create communications and promotional activities, as well as a valuable advertising package that merges our publishing and marketing services. Each Brand Alliance is fully customizable to fit your needs. VIE’s expert staff will work with you to create a perfect marketing package for your message to reach your target audience as effectively as possible.

VIE Brand Alliance rates are priced custom to each client’s package.
Call or email a Brand Ambassador to request a proposal.


Production Specifications


2-Page Spread* 18.25” x 11.0625” 18” x 10.8125” 17” x 9.8125”
Full-Page* 9.25” x 11.0625” 9” x 10.8125” 8” x 9.8125”
1/2-Page – H* 9.25” x 5.5313” 9” x 5.2813” 8” x 4.2813”

* All text and important elements should be kept within a .5 inch “Safe Zone” from the edge of all bleed ads.

 Download Specifications Guide – PDF
 Download Specifications Guide – InDesign


Email Instructions:

Acceptable File Formats:

  • Press-Ready PDF: The PDF/X-1a must be made from a PostScript file with all fonts and high-resolution images embedded. Ensure that all elements are a minimum of 300 dpi and 100% in size.

Ad Specification Checklist:

  • Must be at least 300 dpi at 100% in size.
  • Must be at saved as CMYK process color.
  • Spot colors must be converted to CMYK process color.
  • Must include high resolution images.
  • Must be the correct ad dimensions specified above.

Mailing Address:
VIE Magazine
114 Logan Lane, Suite 4
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Production Contact:
Tracey Thomas, Art Director


Digital Edition

Unique advertising opportunities are available in the VIE digital edition. Interactivity can help you reach and capture your audience in an entirely new way. Please contact an advertising executive for more information.


Tablet devices have revolutionized the way readers interact with publications including books, magazines, and newspapers. The reading experience is enriched with creative layouts designed specifically for the digital medium—photos and videos are incredibly brilliant and crisp. VIE is proud to be at the forefront of this technology with the release of our digital edition for the iPad—with Android platforms to be introduced shortly. The tablet platform offers an engaging and unique way for advertisers to connect with our readers.

Interactive Guidelines

The tablet magazine format is exclusively portrait orientation. The reader swipes left-and-right to navigate between articles, then swipes up-and-down to read deeper to explore the words and photos of each story. Ads will be placed between these articles having the option to be either static or interactive. Interactive ads can choose to include one of the following interactive elements:

Standard Ad

  • Static press-ready PDF file.

Slide Show

  • Can include up to 5 images
  • Must be images, not additional ads

Pop Up Overlays

  • Up to 3 tappable areas
  • Overlays cannot be additional ads

Video and Custom Video

  • Runtime no longer than 30 seconds
  • 16:9 or 4:3 ratio

File Specifications

Files may be submitted by e-mail, Filesharing, or digital storage format (i.e. disc, flash drive, etc.) and file names should be descriptive. Filesharing instructions will provided upon request. Static ads may be delivered as a press-ready PDF file. Interactive ads may be delivered as either an Adobe InDesign file or as separate PDFs of the individual elements. Video files must be delivered as .MP4 or .MOV file formats.

Ad Value

One of the many advantages to advertising in a digital platform is the ability to track results. Using an analytics system built into the magazine’s online platform, reports can be available to provide details such as the number of views, audience by regions, and other useful information. The system is also able to work with any analytics currently being used on your website to determine how much traffic came from each specific advertisement—knowing that your advertising dollars are working as effectively as possible.

Advertising Rates

Our rates include all design and other technical coding services related to building the ad. Included in the design process, advertisers will be granted revisions prior to final approval: one revision for static ads; and two revisions for interactive ads. All additional revisions will be billed at $150 per request

STANDARD RATES FOR FULL-SCREEN (Introductory rates also shown)

Standard w/ Slide Show w/ Pop Up Overlays w/ Video* w/ Custom Video
$2,500 ($1,000) $3,000 ($1,500) $ 3,250 ($1,750) $3,500 ($2,000) $5,000 ($3,500)

*Video of maximum 30-second length to be provided by advertiser. Advertising rates subject to change without notice.


Online Opportunities

VIE now offers a plethora of online advertising opportunities that provide an affordable, efficient, and trackable method for getting your message in front of our audience. The online advertising program available through has been custom built from the ground up with the advertiser in mind.

  • Timely Topics and Content
  • Trackable Results
  • Targeted Placement


Advertising on is one of the most affordable places to spend your advertising dollars—starting with low rates and finishing with big discounts for bulk buying.

Banner Advertising

Home Page Rate – $1,000/month or $10,000/annually
Standard Rate – $500/month or $4,000/annually

Billboard (970px x 250px)
Premium leaderboard ad positioned in the center at the bottom (footer) of the homepage and all other website pages.

Blog Page
Island (300px x 250px)
Rotating advertisement on the right-hand side of the page.

Tower (300px x 600px)
Vertical ad positioned on the right-hand side of the page.


All artwork is to be exported at 72dpi in .jpeg or .gif format. Email files to

La Muse – VIE Blog

This is our daily, weekly, or monthly musings that are not found in the magazine but are still of interest to us and our audience. La Muse posts are shared on social media and generate great awareness for our clients.

Sponsored Post:
2-3 photos and up to 500 words of copy.

Sponsored Post Pricing:
$400: Copy and imagery provided by advertiser.
$800: Copy and imagery provided by VIE.

Social Media Advertising Rates

Facebook Post – $225/post
Instagram Post – $125/post
Twitter Post – $75/post
LinkedIn Post – $60/post
Pinterest Post – $45/post


VIE magazine boasts its very own electronic newsletter (eBlast) that is sent out to a substantial list of subscribers with the same interests of our website visitors. VIE’s eBlasts are deployed 4 times a month, with 1 sponsored eBlast deployed every 2 months. An eBlast is a highly effective way for advertisers to connect with their audience in a personalized and targeted way.


Advertising Rates

Sponsored eBlast – $2,500

Let VIE send your announcement, products, and services directly to the inboxes of its 6,500+ subscribers. Includes up to 5 URL links, 4 photos, and 150 words of copy per eBlast.

eBlast Digital Ads – $550/Single or $850/month

Advertise in VIE eBlasts with a digital ad in 1 or all 4 email deployments. There is only 1 advertising spot open per eBlast and are reserved on a first come first serve basis.