VIE is once more teaming up with Q Tile and Coastal Elements to create a show home of inspired ideas, the Beach House! Located in the quiet village of Seagrove Beach, Florida, the homesite is tucked within the area’s beautiful natural surroundings, and the house will feature custom designs, finishes, and furnishings throughout. Its form and function will be conducive to an ideal way of life—creating an oasis of your own within a home that’s just a short walk from some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and pristine nature trails. For the grand unveiling of the Beach House, we hope to host a seminar on living well, an art show, a housewarming party, and more. Ticket information will be released at a later date, and all events will be designed to benefit our philanthropy partners at The Sonder Project and Food For Thought Outreach.

VIE Beach House – A Show Home

From stunning mosaics and tile patterns, custom lighting, and handpicked furnishings to architectural elements including elegant archways, exposed wood beams, and more, the VIE Beach House – A Show Home is a dreamy coastal oasis designed with the ideal beach lifestyle in mind. Located in the relaxed community of Seagrove Beach, Florida, the home is under development by Suzy and Jim Accola of QTile and Coastal Elements Construction. Our founder/editor-in-chief Lisa Burwell caught up with the Accolas and Todd Reeves of Isidro Dunbar Modern Interiors this week for a sneak peek and some shop talk. Stay tuned for more updates in VIE Magazine’s upcoming Architecture & Design Issue, and don’t miss the big reveal of the #VIEBeachHouse this fall! Thank you to all our partners and participants who are busy making this dream come true.

VIE Beach House – Isidro Dunbar Modern Interiors

“This is a ‘beach house’ but not a normal one,” says designer/owner Todd Reeves of Isidro Dunbar Modern Interiors in Miramar Beach, Florida. We are so excited to have the design studio and showroom as a partner on the upcoming VIE Beach House – A Show Home, developed by QTile and Coastal Elements Construction! “We have looked at the choices for tiles, flooring, cabinetry, and are interpreting the choices of the developers in our style and design,” says Reeves. “I love using combinations of all the elements of life that we live with every day—wood, glass, metal, fabrics, and leathers—and blending them together to make a comfortable and livable space for our clients. A beach house should be easy to maintain, comfortable, and relaxing. We are showing that modern design is comfortable, warm, inviting, and easy to live with—no muss, no fuss.” | Stay tuned for more from the #VIEBeachHouse coming up in our Architecture & Design Issue!


VIE Beach House – Lovelace Interiors

“We want people to be able to walk into the house and really feel like it’s a home, and feel like they can see themselves living there with their family and just enjoying good times!” The good times are already rolling as we catch up with some of our VIE Beach House partners, including the team at Lovelace Interiors, to talk about the vision, planning, and design of this coastal show home coming soon to Seagrove Beach, Florida. Designers Lindsay Miller Cannon and Brooke Williams at #LovelaceInteriors, along with the home’s owner/developer Suzy Accola of QTile and our CEO/editor-in-chief Lisa Burwell, took a look around the Lovelace Lifestyle showroom in Inlet Beach, Florida, recently to talk all things design and decor!


VIE Beach House – YOLO Board

“We are so blessed to be able to work on a very special custom board with the designers Suzy and Jim at the Show Home! VIE Magazine has allowed us to be a part of this really, really creative, fun, special project and my design team and myself are really looking forward to being a part of this!” We are so excited to have YOLO Board a part of the VIE Beach House! You only live once, and we’re making it count with all our incredible sponsors and partners at the #VIEBeachHouse, coming this fall to Seagrove Beach, Florida.


VIE Beach House – Maison30a

“We’re currently collaborating with Suzy at QTile on a custom piece for the beach home and you’ll see a lot of our pottery around the home as well, so keep an eye out for that!” We are so excited to partner with the design team at Maison30a, a home and garden studio based in Panama City Beach, as part of our stellar lineup of #VIEBeachHouse participants.


VIE Beach House – QTile & Coastal Elements Construction

Thanks to owners/developers Suzy and Jim Accola of QTile and Coastal Elements Construction and the team of incredible partners curated, no detail will be left untouched in the beautiful VIE Beach House – A Show Home. From architectural design elements to sustainable materials, custom tile, unique flooring, elegant lighting, and more, this home is designed with an ideal coastal lifestyle in mind.

VIE Beach House – Summer House Lifestyle

“We really wanted to feature the beautiful architecture of home and have the furnishing complement that beautiful architecture, so we went with really natural and organic materials and wanted to keep the elements really simple.” Thank you to Melissa Skowlund of Summer House Lifestyle for being one of our partners on the upcoming VIE Beach House, coming soon!

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